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    VATPAC Brand Guidelines

  • Download the full logo pack HERE

  • Logo Definitions: 

    The next generation of the VATPAC logo contains multiple variants and styles all to be used in different circumstances. To make using the logo easier we have decided to put together a branding guideline package. There are 4 main styles of the logo which all have different use cases and purposes. 

    • Full Logo - Designed for Banners, Documents and Events

    • Icon Logo - Designed for Social Media and Discord

    • Department Specific logo - For Internal Use Only

    • Approved Affiliate Logos - To only be used by Approved Affiliate

  • Official VATPAC Logo Colours

    • Blue (#3b8df9) with Black or White
    • Green (#33cc99) with Black or White
    • Solid Green (#33cc99), Blue (#3b8df9), Black or White
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    Logo Do's and Don'ts

  • The Do's

    • You can use any of the approved VATPAC logo's as shown in the VATPAC Logo Pack

    • Approved Affiliate need to display the 'Approved Affiliate' logo

    • You may use either the VATPAC Logo or VATPAC Icon with any of the approved colours

  • The Don'ts

    • Do not stretch the height or width of the logo (leave the current aspect ratio)

    • Do not change the colours of the logo 

    • Do not use the logo on a background which makes elements of the logo hard to see, eg, the white logo on a white image

    • Do not crop the logo or remove any parts (excluding "VATSIM Australia Pacific" sub text) of the logo

    • Do not use previous VATPAC logos

    • Do not use the Approved Affiliate logo without specific approval from the VATPAC board unless you are a previous Approved Affiliate, eg RAAF Virtual. If you don't know what this is do not use that logo until you contact the VATPAC board for approval.  


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