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Found 3 results

  1. NOTAM: Letter of Agreement Between RAAFv and VATSIM Australia Pacific 1. INTRODUCTION RAAFv and VATSIM Australia Pacific have ratified a Letter of Agreement that defines the release of restricted airspace within VATPAC to RAAFv during operational periods. This letter of agreement is supplementary to VATSIM and Regional documents and does not replace or override VATSIM Policy. Document: RAAFv VATPAC LOA 2. DETAILS Background RAAFv conducts operations that utilise restricted airspace within the designated airspace assigned to VATPAC by the CoR. In the past, the release of this airspace has not been formally documented and has been at the discretion of the Director Operations. Additionally, procedures pertaining to the responsibilities of AEWAC pilots, civil aircraft and civil controllers has not been documented during the activation of RA's. Document Summary Provides definition to restricted airspace and it states, these include Activated, Active and Inactive. Defines who an AEWAC pilot is and how pilots can identify them. Defines the release of controlling authority from VATPAC controllers to AEWAC Controllers. Provides operational procedures and requirements of controllers for handling aircraft travelling into and out of RA's Area's of Potential Confusion AEWAC Pilots are NOT controllers, they are aircraft which are connected to the network via a pilot client and maybe utilising a radar scope which is proxied. RA's are not entirely restricted to military aircraft. There are different categories of restricted areas which determine whether civilian aircraft can transit. To find the category of an active RA, consult the NOTAM pertaining to the operation. See this post for clarification: here When an RA is active and an AEWAC pilot is within its boundaries, pilots shall contact the AEWAC pilot. If a pilot is unaware of the active RA, the AEWAC pilot shall make contact with the civilian pilot. In addition to this, AEWAC pilots may give aircraft and alternate route/level which avoids the active RA. However, aircraft may deem this operationally unviable in which the AEWAC pilot shall manage military traffic around the civilian aircraft. ATC may be unaware of this LOA. In the event that a civilian controller is unaware, the AEWAC pilot shall provide a link to the LOA and the civilian controller shall comply with the details set out within the document. In the event the controller continues to be non-compliant, use the .wallop command to call a supervisor and cite the link to this post and the LOA. 3. AUTHORITY VATPAC Board of Directors 4. CANCELLATION This LOA shall remain active unless notification is provided in the NOTAM forum.
  2. Ladies and Gentlemen, VATPAC and VATUSA are proud to present the latest VATUSA Friday Night Ops - Down Under! We have something exciting, different and possibly even challenging in store for you. Did you know that VATPAC's airspace covers a large amount of the Pacific Islands? It even covers Papua New Guinea. This FNO, join us as VATPAC fully staffs Port Moresby - AYPY (The capital of P.N.G), Cairns - YBCS, Brisbane - YBBN and Hamilton Island - YBHM (Both in Queensland, Australia). This gives you the chance to experience Class C and D airports as well as the chance to experience some absolutely stunning scenery. Kicking off at 2300, you can choose where to depart or arrive from, what to fly and how hard our controllers will work. We recommend flying regional sized aircraft to Hamilton Island as it regularly sees the Q400, 717 and 738's, however, the choice is yours. You can find a full pilot briefing available including charts, local procedures and scenery at our website https://fno.vatpac.org Airports: AYPY , YBBN, YBCS , YBHM Time: [11/05/18] 2300 - 0300Z | [12/05/18] 0900-1300 AEST Full ATC at all airports! ATC Applications can be submitted at https://fno.vatpac.org. Applications will close Sunday 06MAY and the roster will be published within 24 hours.
  3. until
    This week VATNZ & VATPAC have a combined event. Fly from Wellington (NZWN) to Canberra (YSCB). Fly from our capital over to Australia's capital for ANZAC celebrations. Flights normally take approximately 3.5 hours, it is suggested to depart near the beginning of the event to maximise ATC although most positions should be staffed throughout the event. Join us for this mini cross the ditch event. Maximum aircraft size is an A350 or Boeing 777-200. To assist with position reports, feel free to use the Oceanic Reporting Tool. Routes - NZWN to YSCB - TANEN M636 SASRO M636 TESAT H65 RAZZI ATC Requested - CB_GND 121.700 CB_TWR 118.700 CB_APP 124.500 ML-SNO_CTR 124.000
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