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Found 2 results

  1. Sam Hall

    Cross the Ditch 15

    Breakfast in Tahiti, Supper in Australia, and all the South Pacific in between... VATNZ and VATPAC are proud to present the 15th Cross the Ditch! Check out the official Cross the Ditch website Apply to provide ATC Book your Flights now! View the Event Schedule Check out the Virtual Airline Leaderboard Grab the recommended add-on scenery for each of the event airports What's it all about? For twenty hours this December, the skies of the South Pacific will be filled with aircraft all on a mission to Cross the Ditch. To celebrate the 15th running of the event, this year's Cross the Ditch will stretch from one side of the South Pacific to the other, involving seven different airports in six different countries. The flight routes all range from two-and-a-half up to five hours flight time, so there is something for everyone. Throughout the event, the Oceania region's two divisions – VATNZ and VATPAC – will be providing full ATC coverage, in the Southern Hemisphere's premiere oceanic event. This is a great opportunity to experience Oceanic flying without the need to commit to an eight-hour flight! If you're new to Oceanic Flying, our reporting tool makes taking part a breeze. Event Times This twenty hour event is timed to allow pilots from all over the world join the fun: UTC: Saturday 1st December 2018 17:00 - Sunday 2nd December 2018 13:00 AEDT: Sunday 2nd December 2018 04:00 - Monday 3rd December 2018 00:00 NZDT: Sunday 2nd December 2018 06:00 - Monday 3rd December 2018 02:00 Waves This season's event is organised in waves. Each airport will typically have a three-to-five hour departure window, during which time flights will be able to leave for the next destination. As the window closes, the departure window will open at the next destination. Given each of the flights is 2.5 - 5hrs in length, the previous wave's flights will be arriving at the same airport as the next wave departs, maximising the amount of traffic at each airport. NOTE: in order to ensure that you have ATC coverage throughout your flight, you MUST fly the wave route that is active at the time of your departure. The individual routes are designed to ensure as much opposing traffic enroute as possible. Most flights pass from one Oceania division to the other, and the result is six mini-flyins over the course of twenty hours! The Waves for Cross the Ditch 15 - Summer 2018 are: Wave Flight Departure Window UTC AEDT NZDT 1A Tahiti, French Polynesia (NTAA) to Nadi, Fiji (NFFN) (5hr flight) 1700-1800 0400-0500 0600-0700 1B Tahiti, French Polynesia (NTAA) to Apia, Samoa (NSFA) (3.5hr flight) 1700-1900 0400-0600 0600-0800 2A Nadi, Fiji (NFFN) to Wellington, New Zealand (NZWN) 2030-2300 0730-1000 0930-1200 2B Apia, Samoa (NSFA) to Wellington, New Zealand (NZWN) 1900-2230 0600-0930 0800-1130 3 Wellington, New Zealand (NZWN) to Noumea, New Caledonia (NWWW) 2300-0330 1000-1430 1200-1630 4 Noumea, New Caledonia (NWWW) to Auckland, New Zealand (NZAA) 0300-0700 1400-1800 1600-2000 5 Auckland, New Zealand (NZAA) to Brisbane (YBBN) 0530-0930 1630-2030 1830-2230 Calling all Pilots and Controllers Flight plans are available from the Flight Plans section. Book your flights now from the Flight Bookings page. Bookings made on this site help us plan for the event, and will also show up in vroute. Controllers wanting to get in on the action can also apply now at the event's ATC Applications page. Hope to see you all there Cross the Ditch is brought to you by VATPAC and VATNZ
  2. until
    This week VATNZ & VATPAC have a combined event. Fly from Wellington (NZWN) to Canberra (YSCB). Fly from our capital over to Australia's capital for ANZAC celebrations. Flights normally take approximately 3.5 hours, it is suggested to depart near the beginning of the event to maximise ATC although most positions should be staffed throughout the event. Join us for this mini cross the ditch event. Maximum aircraft size is an A350 or Boeing 777-200. To assist with position reports, feel free to use the Oceanic Reporting Tool. Routes - NZWN to YSCB - TANEN M636 SASRO M636 TESAT H65 RAZZI ATC Requested - CB_GND 121.700 CB_TWR 118.700 CB_APP 124.500 ML-SNO_CTR 124.000
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