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Found 2 results

  1. Join us on an Anzac Day dawn flight over the Gallipoli Peninsula. This pre-dawn flight from Istanbul to Çanakkale will cover some of the prominent sites of the Gallipoli campaign. The route overflies Suvla Bay, Anzac Cove, Lone Pine and several Allied and Turkish cemeteries and memorials. Departure is at 0100z and should take about 60 minutes. Route File as LTBA IST EKI CNK LTBH. It may be flown VFR or IFR. From Istanbul Ataturk Intl (LTBA) track the 265 radial outbound from the Istanbul VORTAC (IST 112.50)/085 radial inbound to the Tekirdag VOR (EKI 116.30). From EKI track the 231 radial outbound until over the Aegean Sea then visual along the west coast of the Gallipoli Peninsula (alternatively, fly to 67 DME from EKI to Suvla Bay then visual along the coast). From "V Beach" at the southern end of the Peninsula, track towards the Canakkale VOR (CNK 111.20) and land at Çanakkale (LTBH). A GPS flight plan is available is available for P3D/FSX, MFS2020 and X-Plane and will overfly the major points of interest along the route. The distance is 162 nm by the GPS route, approx 175 nm following the coast. Suggested aircraft Beechcraft Baron, Cessna 208/310, Piper PA-34/44 or similar aircraft capable of 160-170 kias. Suggested altitude 2500 ft to Suvla Bay then descend to 1000 ft, or as directed by ATC. Communication UNICOM 122.80 or as directed by ATC. Time Current date set to just before dawn, so the sun rises as we fly over Anzac Cove. Clear weather if live weather is unsuitable. Maps
  2. until
    This week VATNZ & VATPAC have a combined event. Fly from Wellington (NZWN) to Canberra (YSCB). Fly from our capital over to Australia's capital for ANZAC celebrations. Flights normally take approximately 3.5 hours, it is suggested to depart near the beginning of the event to maximise ATC although most positions should be staffed throughout the event. Join us for this mini cross the ditch event. Maximum aircraft size is an A350 or Boeing 777-200. To assist with position reports, feel free to use the Oceanic Reporting Tool. Routes - NZWN to YSCB - TANEN M636 SASRO M636 TESAT H65 RAZZI ATC Requested - CB_GND 121.700 CB_TWR 118.700 CB_APP 124.500 ML-SNO_CTR 124.000
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