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  1. Unable to start a new topic in this forum .... "Daniel" on BN-TRT_CTR 28 Jun 'Spilled Milk Monday'....exceptional service at Broome. ACK the delay but saw what you had going on and did my best to (un)help you out on DEP. Thanks for the night, thanks for the ATC...very much appreciated. Chris ZULU26
  2. *** I was unable to post this in ATC Feedback, if anyone can move it please do so*** This evening, Sunday 21 Jun 20, Luke displayed the highest level of professionalsm and tolerance in the face of sustained 'baiting' and deliberate and detailed attacks on his controlling. Despite recovering from a server failure the individual in question sustained his attack while Luke while trying to issue clearances. Luke should be commended for his high degree of patience, tolerance, humour and professionalism to ensure those that wanted to enjoy the evening and take advantage of brilliant ATC could. An absolute superior display of character that has bought credit to the ranks of VATPAC controllers. Well Done Luke. Cheers Chris Megaw Zulu 26
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