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  1. Hi All, I'm pleased to advise that VATUSA, VATNZ and VATPAC have come together to form a new Pacific Oceanic Agreement. More information about this can be found here: Pacific Oceanic LoA - VATSIM Australia Pacific - VATPAC There are a few alterations from the existing partnership, but essentially the privileges and limitations are the same. Of note, a new requirement to control 1 hour in the previous 3 months to remain active will apply. However, until such time that VATPAC has a system in place to track this, we will waive this requirement. A local instructions document is currently being prepared by all parties. For now, some information can be found here: VATNZ, Oakland ARTCC. I'd like to extend thanks to Andrew from VATNZ as well as Manuel, Ryan and Daniel from VATUSA and Oakland ARTCC for coming together to forge this agreement. This is a great step forward for all of us, together.
  2. Announcement Published 22 SEP 2021 Hi everyone, I would like to announce a few major changes for that will be implemented for AIRAC 2110. The VATPAC Board voted in favour of removing support for VRC, inline with community/membership demand (polling indicated approximately, only 10% of users are using this client). Resources will be focused on Euroscope (TAAATSMod Euroscope 3.1d) and vatSys. This means VRC will no longer receive AIRAC cycle updates and any existing files will not be compatible with the new changes outlined below. The VATPAC board also voted in favour of removing the Melbourne and Brisbane upper (FSS) positions. The board agreed that the position no longer met the requirement that they were initially created for and that controllers should be encouraged to provide a quality top-down service as per our existing extended coverage policy, rather than a larger quantity (and lower quality) service over a significant geographical area. Finally, a number of changes to primary (parent) and secondary (child) sectors/frequencies have occurred to re-align most of our sectors with the IRL positions and to also better support the auto-activation of non-standard sectors. The major sector boundary changes occur in the central and west of Australia. Further minor changes between ML-SY-BN. Detailed changes: ORE becomes OLW, freq 134.0 Layout changes to main sector and sub-sectors as per AIP Sup S21-H91. ESP primary becomes PIY, freq 133.9. Layout changes as per IRL and draft map above. GVE/DAL merged as GVE only. ASP primary, freq 118.3. Layout and sub sectors as per IRL and draft map above. Include WRA sector from old BKE primary. BKE primary. Removed. TBD primary. Layout and sub sectors as per IRL and draft map above. Include BKE sector from old BKE primary. SNO primary becomes ELW, freq 123.75. HUM renamed BLA as per IRL upper sector, freq 132.20 Minor boundary changes to BLA, ELW and SNO. BLA (and by association, the parent sector ELW) continues to be responsible for the CB TCU when the dedicated CB controllers are offline. MDE primary becomes ARM, freq 130.9. OCN sub-sector freq becomes 128.6 as per IRL. DOS primary becomes INL, freq 134.2 GRN renamed INL as per IRL upper sector. Minor boundary changes to INL and DOS. SDY freq change to 134.3 TBP primary becomes KEN, freq 120.15 WOL primary becomes BIK, freq 129.8. Minor boundary changes to BIK and WOL. BN-TSN_FSS primary VHF alias becomes 124.65 HWE VHF alias becomes 124.95 FLD VHF alias becomes 132.85 COL VHF alias becomes 133.15 Inclusion of AGGG and ANAU under COL as per existing oceanic documentation and IRL services provided by AsA. Note that the above positions cannot be individually logged in to and are assumed by the COL subsector only.
  3. In addition to the above AIRAC changes, a number of changes have been made to the VATPAC Audio For VATSIM databses. Fixed transceiver and position heirachy on a number of positions. Improved CTR -> TCU hierachy. Fix BN-HWE_FSS defininition. Improved Tasman Oceania HF transceivers. Improved India Oceanic HF transceivers (including new Casey Station HF station). Correct a number of transceivers that were assigned to incorrect positions.
  4. 1. INTRODUCTION To assist in providing quality Air Traffic Services (ATS) throughout VATPAC airspace, the board is introducing several changes to our VATPAC ATS Policy. Changes will reflect ongoing improvement and alignment with the new VATSIM Global ATC Administration Policy. Until our updated VATPAC ATS Policy is released, in the interim to help further online experience of realism on the network, positions listed in the "List of approved non-standard positions" may be opened subject to specific requirements outlined below. 2. OPENING OF APPROVED NON-STANDARD POSITIONS Activation of a Non-Standard Position by a Controller A non-standard (child) position may be activated at any time, by an appropriately rated controller and the following additional requirements: a) An agreement must be obtained between the controller wishing to open the non-standard (child) position and the controller currently operating the standard (parent) position, under which the non-standard position is to be opened; and b) All controllers affected by the activation of the non-standard (child) position must review: 1) the local instructions applicable to the non-standard position being activated, noting the designated responsible airspace; and 2) the frequency and login identifier of the non-standard position; and 3) any additional coordination requirements that arise from the use of the non-standard position; and 4) any other questions or concerns from either controller. Affected controllers are encouraged (but not required) to keep a record of their agreement. Any breaches of this NOTAM or any issues that arise in relation to the opening of a non-standard position should be reported to VATPAC staff at the earliest convenience. Activation of Non-Standard Positions by Staff and Senior Controllers Non-standard positions may also be activated in certain circumstances outlined below, by an authorised person. An authorised person is either a VATPAC staff member or a local VATPAC controller holding a Senior Controller (C3) rating. An authorised person may waive requirement a) (obtaining agreement of the parent controller), should a situation arise where activation of a non-standard position is deemed crucial to the delivery of a quality ATC service, and the existing parent controller does not agree to the opening of this position in the first instance. An authorised person must not approve themselves to open a non-standard position under the circumstances outlined above, unless exceptional circumstances apply. 3. LIST OF APPROVED NON-STANDARD POSITIONS The follow is a list of Login Identifiers of approved non-standard (child) positions. Melbourne Centre Positions: ML-ELW_CTR (123.75) ML-HUM_CTR (132.20) ML-BIK_CTR (129.80) ML-MUN_CTR (132.60) ML-AUG_CTR (127.05) ML-FOR_CTR (132.70) ML-PIY_CTR (133.90) ML-BIL_CTR (132.40) Brisbane Centre Positions: BN-MLD_CTR (132.35) BN-OCN_CTR (133.60) BN-GRN_CTR (120.30) BN-KPL_CTR (125.90) BN-KEN_CTR (120.15) BN-KIY_CTR (133.40) Sydney TCU Positions: SY_DEP (123.00) SY-S_DEP (129.70) SY-D_APP (126.10) SY-DE_APP (125.30) SY-S_APP (128.30) Sydney ADC/SMC Positions: SY-E_GND (121.70) SY-E_TWR (124.70) Melbourne TCU Positions: ML_DEP (118.90) ML-S_DEP (129.40) Brisbane TCU Positions: BN_DEP (133.45) BN-S_APP (125.60) BN-S_DEP (118.45) Brisbane ADC/SMC Positions: BN-W_TWR (118.00) BN-S_GND (122.25) BN-N_GND (124.05) Adelaide TCU Position: AD_DEP (118.20) Cairns TCU Position: CS_DEP (126.10) Canberra TCU Position: CB-W_APP (125.90) Perth TCU Position: PH_DEP (118.70) Perth SMC Position: PH-E_GND (122.20) 4. AUTHORITY Division Director, [email protected] 5. CANCELLATION This NOTAM will self-cancel when incorporated into official ATS policy, unless otherwise noted. NOTAM_Non-Standard_Positions.pdf
  5. Hi all, The Q2 board meeting minutes are now available to download. The reason for the delay in publishing, was due to updating the document to match the new styling and getting caught up in other changes going on. The next meeting is scheduled for on (or around) Saturday 2 October 2021. Thanks. Z
  6. Follow up. The VATSIM BoG is currently investigating this proposal. Our understanding is that the pacific oceanic partnership agreement remains in force, until such time that we hear information contrary from the BoG. More information about the partnership can be found here: https://pacificoceanic.vatsim.net
  7. Hi everyone. Whilst I can't share the specifics of our discussions, I'd like to share a few facts with the community about the recent VATUSA announcement to leave the Pacific Oceanic Partnership. VATPAC and VATNZ received a proposal via our Regional Vice Prseident from VATUSA in early August 2021, almost 2 months after the original document was dated (June 2021). VATPAC and VATNZ had a senior volunteer management meeting and discussed options and alternatives to the VATUSA proposal. These suggestions were shared via email with VATUSA and other parties such a regional Vice Presidents and other senior VATSIM staff. VATPAC and VATNZ agreed that Oakland ARTCC should resume responsibility for the ZAK airspace. VATPAC and VATNZ took the view that the Pacific Oceanic Partnership was indeed due for review and could be expanded to include other pacific oceanic airspace, but we did not feel that the current partnership needed to be suspended. We received little communication from VATUSA, other than advising they would be progressing with their initial proposal to leave the partnership. There did not appear to be any reasonable consideration of our views or suggestions, nor was there an offer of any further discussion on the matter. VATPAC and VATNZ both take the stance that this is VATUSA's and the general membership's loss, not our own. We will continue to open discussions about a future LoA between Pacific Oceanic Airspace Divisions and ARTCCs. We belive such an LoA would benefit the members of the network, and that is after all, why we divsions/ARTCC's exist. To serve/benefit the membership. VATPAC and VATNZ are currently reviewing the Partnership Agreement with respect to existing agreement still being in force and the effect on our controllers. If you have any concerns about this change, please feel free to reach out to me or Andrew (VATNZ Director) directly. Thanks.
  8. Hi all, I'm looking for a small number of general VATPAC members to provide insight and contributions towards our new Air Traffic Services policy. This policy will replace and combined the following existing policies into 1 document: ATC Training Policy Controller Information and ATIS Policy Controller Positions and Ratings Policy Procedural Tower Policy Senior Controller Policy The policy will incorporate a number of changes to align with the new VATSIM GCAP and we anticipate that the policy will be effective on release/in conjunction with the VATSIM GCAP. We aim to ensure the policy is clear, consice, descriptive, modern and will shape the way that VATPAC air traffic services will be provided into the future. If you are interested in being involved, please send me an email at [email protected] and provide me with a short paragraph about your VATSIM/VATPAC experience and history. You will preferably be ATC rated (but no specific rating or endorsement is required). You will join myself and members of the ATC Training & Standards team to form a small working group. This will also form part of the consultation with general membership as per our constitution 50 (2). We expect you to be able to volunteer 1-3 hours per week to contribute to discussions and writing documentation. I look forward to hearing from those of you that are interested! EOI's close 11:59 AEST Sunday 29th August. - Zach
  9. Hi all, Last week Callum approached me about taking some time away from VATPAC. Whilst I didn't really want Callum to leave his volunteer staff roles, I know from personal experience that taking some time away from this stuff is invaluable. Callum has been contributing many, many hours of his daily life for the past 4 years in many different roles, but most importantly as a Division Director. Callum's leadership of the Division out of a somnewhat turbulent period was invaluable and I know all of us here today appreciate the work he put in. I still often turn to Callum for guidance when thinking about VATPAC related problems and ideas, for his expertise and passion that he has for this community. Callum has also been an even longer member of the ATC Training department, where I'm sure a number of you have spoken or had interactions with him as you progressed through your ATC Ratings. I know his experienced will be missed, but it will also give opportunities for other members of our community step up and give back, just like Callum did so often. Of course, Callum was also very passionate about making the VATPAC Discord work and most of his recent volunteering hours have been spent dealing with a few absolute peanuts, who's sole life purpose has been to be disruptive. I wouldn't wish the Discord Administrator role to anyone at the moment. I hope our community can remember that yes, this is very much a game, but every person we are interecting with are very real people. Sometimes we forget that and Callum bore the brunt of these actions over the last 6 months. So I know that Callum won't be online very much in the next little while, but on the rate occasion that you do see him flying, controlling or on the Discord then please, thank him for his service to our community. I'm sure he'll be back soon. Thank you, Callum!
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