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  1. The Specialist Project is a group of Air traffic Controllers who provide ATC services to approved areas within the Region. Established in February 2020, their aim and focus goal are similar to the previous VATSIM Hit Squad which is to bring as many ATC services to areas that are not frequently established and controlled. The Project has been established within the Pacific Region and the Specliast Project will visit the following countries within the Pacific Region of our Division. Fiji New Caledonia Vanuatu Controllers follow loca
  2. Hi everyone, Apologies for the delay. Q4 meeting minutes have been published on the website: https://vatpac.org/about/minutes-and-reports/ Cheers!
  3. I'm pleased to announce that after much deliberation and consideration, the appointments committee has settled on a number of new appointments here at VATPAC for 2021 and beyond. Greg Barber - Director ATC Training and Standards Greg is a familiar face to the VATPAC board and will change from his role as a Non-Executive Director, back to his homeland of ATC Training. A position which has held for many years in the past. He is excited to establish the new ATC Standards Manager position as a strong piece of the ATC Training puzzle. Greg will be working closely with... Will Smart -
  4. Please also join me in congratulating Blair Shaddock as he 'officially' enters the role of Marketing Manager. Blair has been working tirelessly over the past few months on all things social media at VATPAC. He will be working closely with the new Director of Membership, when they are appointed.
  5. EDIT 14th DECEMBER: Applications Extended. See Below. Hi everyone, I am now ready to start the search for the next group of people to join the VATPAC Board of Directors, to help continue to run our great organisation and this will close off the "administrative" period that I have overseen at VATPAC. The board is accepting nominations for the following positions, and any eligable general member is permitted to make an application. Positions descriptions and requirements are linked below, next to the positions we are searching for. --------------------------------------------
  6. Good Afternoon Everyone. The Q3 Board Meeting Minutes have been made available via the VATPAC website here: https://vatpac.org/about-us/minutes-and-reports/ You can also view the minutes directly with the following link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1X97RVwNiqgxQoVLou3mKMQ1wjJyXRUK6/view If you have any concerns or questions, please don't hesitate to email me. Cheers, Zach
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