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  1. Hi all, Last week Callum approached me about taking some time away from VATPAC. Whilst I didn't really want Callum to leave his volunteer staff roles, I know from personal experience that taking some time away from this stuff is invaluable. Callum has been contributing many, many hours of his daily life for the past 4 years in many different roles, but most importantly as a Division Director. Callum's leadership of the Division out of a somnewhat turbulent period was invaluable and I know all of us here today appreciate the work he put in. I still often turn to Callum for guidance wh
  2. Hi all, Steven Cullen will be moving to fill the Director of Airspace and Publications portfolio, a position which both the board and Steve felt he was better suited to. Consequently, I would like to welcome Blair Shaddock to the VATPAC Board. Blair will be taking on Acting Director of Membership, in a probationary capacity for the next 6 months. You will see some of Blair's hard work over the last 6 months very shortly! I'd also like to specially mention Luke Maynard who will be continuing in the Membership Manager role, working with Blair and also assisting Steve with Airspace
  3. Hi all, A number of documents have been published this evening. Senior Controller Policy - This policy has been available on the website since early Jan, but a formal announcement was not made. Events Rostering Policy - New Policy ATC Training Policy - New Policy Constitution - Updated to Revision 3a. Q1 2021 Meeting Minutes - New Document If there are any questions or concerns regarding these policies, please contact the relevant department lead. Thanks! Zach
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