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  1. Good luck guys, thanks for your efforts. Terry
  2. Congratulations to Eoin on passing his TMA S3 Controller exams. Terry
  3. Avi has successfully completed his TMA controller course, congratulations Avi. Terry Scanlan
  4. Congratulations to Ryan on achieving his TWR Controller S2 Rating. Terry Scanlan
  5. Jack Winduss has achieved his S2-Tower Controller rating, congratulations Jack. Terry Scanlan
  6. Jackson and the VATPAC Staff, well done guys and what a shame that you had to incur unnecessary expense to fix this problem. Terry Scanlan
  7. Congratulations to Mustafa on obtaining his TWR S2 rating. Terry Scanlan
  8. Congratulations to Scott Mckie on achieving his APP Controller [s3] rating. Terry Scanlan
  9. Congratulations to Luke on achieving his TMA S3 Rating Terry Scanlan
  10. Congratulations to Harrison Scott on passing his C1 ENR Controller exam. Terry Scanlan
  11. Congratulations to Callum who has now completed his ENR rating and is now promoted to a C1 rating Terry Scanlan
  12. Congratulations Patrick on achieving your S2 TWR Rating. Terry Scanlan
  13. Congratulations to Harrison who has just obtained his S3 TMA controller rating :clap: Terry Scanlan
  14. Congratulations Ryan, enjoy your new C1 rating. Terry Scanlan
  15. Congratulations to Abdul Youssef, our newest TWR Controller :clap: Terry Scanlan
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