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    Definately. I generally do the Sunday VFR under callsign VH-JAE. Great bunch of regular guys on that event. I learn a lot from them.
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    Nice one Captain Lei.......here is one from my recorded session. Mixed up my time on the sim resulting in a sunset approach into Ayers Rock Airport !
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    Another great flight with the Vatsim VFR team..........
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    Great fun again gents, although I made a complete mess of my approach into Cambridge as I was initially lining up for rwy30 at YMHB! Cheers VH-JAE
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    Thanks everyone for the event. Was my first event with Vatsim. Looking forward to participating in many more and learning from you all . Not sure who that was on my tail coming into YSWH and apologies for making you go around ! cheers Jason (VH-JAE)
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