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    Great event David. Thanks.
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    To the Albury tower (123.250) controller this morning and Melbourne Centre (123.750), thanking you both for the service today. I had a blast doing more IFR. Cheers gents..... VHJAE
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    Great event David and enjoy the locations being selected around Oz. Great stuff. I didnt do the full circuit with you guys on this occasion as the comms / call ups around Sydney looked a little out of my league at present so decided to do Bankstown - Wedderburn (via Camden T&G) and return......still very much to learn. Anyone interested in joining in with the team for these VFR flights on Fridays and Sundays, I would certainly recommend it....great fun ! VH-JAE
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    OK. Thanks David. I did pre-file through this link, but I reckon my call signs were not identical. Will remember for the next one. Jason
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    Hi David Loaded in for this event but for some reason my xPilot client is not working properly since moving to VatSim Velocity...flight plans arent showing up either !! I guess that's why is still in Beta........finally managed to hear everyone at The Vale.....oh well onto the next one..
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    Hi David, Quick note to say thanks for organising this event. Really enjoyed the flight and great catching up with the VFR regulars. Will miss the next one at Bathurst Island but looking forward to joining for St Helens on 6 Feb. Learning heaps from you guys............ Trying to cut down 90 mins of fun flying into a 20 minute YouTube video not easy !! Catch you next time Jason VH-JAE
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    Definately. I generally do the Sunday VFR under callsign VH-JAE. Great bunch of regular guys on that event. I learn a lot from them.
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    Nice one Captain Lei.......here is one from my recorded session. Mixed up my time on the sim resulting in a sunset approach into Ayers Rock Airport !
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    Another great flight with the Vatsim VFR team..........
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    Great fun again gents, although I made a complete mess of my approach into Cambridge as I was initially lining up for rwy30 at YMHB! Cheers VH-JAE
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    Thanks everyone for the event. Was my first event with Vatsim. Looking forward to participating in many more and learning from you all . Not sure who that was on my tail coming into YSWH and apologies for making you go around ! cheers Jason (VH-JAE)
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