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  1. Hi All, I am pleased to announce that Matt Kelly has been appointed to the role of Manager ATC Standards. Matt will be responsible for overseeing and developing tools and resourcesfor the ongoing standard seen in our controllers. Congratulations to Matt, and thank you to all those who expressed interest in the role.
  2. Greetings, The VATPAC ATC Training & Standards department remains on the lookout for an experienced and passionate Manager ATC Standards. We have some applications already in but since we will not be making a decision until the end of the month we are extending the application period until 23:59AEDT 26th January 2021. The Manager ATC Standards works with the Director ATC Training & Standards to improve the design of the training process and resources for both student controllers and rated controllers. The successful candidate will be responsible for producing quality train
  3. VATPAC is seeking potential candidates to join the ATC Training team as a Mentor(s). Mentors are an essential part of the ATC Training and Assessment process. Not only do they assist online controllers build and improve their skills, a Mentor spends a couple of hours with every ATC student to help put their theory skills into practice, prior to undertaking their practical exam. Mentors who show commitment to the process and a willingness to learn themselves, also progress to become VATPAC Instructors and go on to perform the practical assessments that grant new ratings to controllers.
  4. So effectively this just makes official what VATPAC has been doing since AFV was released?
  5. To the valuable members of VATSIM Australia Pacific, I wanted to take this opportunity to announce that Harrison Scott recently provided notification to the remaining Board members that he does not intend to continue in the role of VATPAC Director Operations effective immediately. This decision has been under consideration for a while although the recent departure of Callum from Director Division was a determining factor on the timing of this announcement. Speaking on behalf of the Board, I would like to recognise the efforts of both Callum and Harrison. Harrison has been not
  6. Yeah stop being so bloody pleasant!
  7. Luke did very well, I didn't hear what he was dealing with, but it was apparent it was frustrating for him when he just wanted to provide the best service he could. I understand supervisors were involved however I don't know if any action was taken.
  8. Yeah great.... The green is SYD-1, Yellow USA-W and Singapore (next logical choice) is the one under SYD-1.
  9. Hi Daniel, I think that may be an incorrect link. All Airservices charts are available via VATPAC ATC Assist (available to everyone) or via the airservices website. Thanks for pointing out the error. Hope you enjoyed the event.
  10. Thanks for the report guys. Looks like the VATOCE Pilot Training program is going great guns. Well done to all involved!
  11. Greg Barber

    Iron Mic Adelaide


    You never HAVE to unofficially hold one.
  12. Hi All, A problem has been identified in the AIRAC 1812 VATPAC Euroscope Installer Package. The package released on 9th November contained an incorrect sector file configuration in the package which may have caused errors when opening and switching between multiple ES views using the fast ASR keys. This problem has now been rectified and controllers experiencing this issue may download the new version from https://vatpac.org/controllers/clients/. Apologies for any inconvenience.
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