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  1. until

    A finally one I can do in MSFS. Brilliant. See you all there.
  2. until

    Awesome job by ATC tonight, thank you so much for being on. In particular William, awesome job dude.
  3. until

    I refuse to believe you would ever do a dodgy landing David lol
  4. until

    Hi, if this message is outside the rules, please feel free to delete but last night on the VFR Event, I recorded it for YouTube and thought that some of those that took part might be interested. I won't post the link because I don't want this to be a ad, but wanted to let them know. If they are interested, maybe they can contact me direct? Again, if this is out of order, I apologise.
  5. until

    Hope to see you all on.
  6. until

    Thank you for a great event with some awesome approaches. I will be more vigilant on the frequencies. Apologies for that, but I had amazing fun. Thank you all!
  7. until

    Sorry, I wanted to be here to support you but I have to now work. I hope you all have a blast!!!
  8. until

    If you mean from me, I'm not sure I would be a good example of "How to do it" lol but, I will record it. lol
  9. until

    Nice one David, I'll look forward to this.
  10. until

    Great event. Thank you for the effort that you put it. Had a blast.
  11. until

    MSFS has it wrong! Gee really? lol
  12. until

    The Camden Haven, is that supposed to be YCMH and not YCNH? Not sure if it was an oversight or MSFS being well, MSFS
  13. He has a way of making it professional and enjoyable. Most of all though he is on it!! Thanks James.
  14. until

    Amazing job. Well done all involved.
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