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  1. oh that is lovely, well done @Rob Hooley
  2. This weekend, I told Mark Richards, the regional director and the VATPAC board of my intention to resign from the Director of VATPAC position. It’s not something which I am overly happy about, as this is a hobby I thoroughly enjoy, however as Rob mentioned to me when he stepped down, this job requires a LOT of time, where at times you can be on call to sort out an issue at all silly hours of the day/night, the time has come where I simply can’t do that anymore... I made a decision a year or so ago that I would look at my future when I hit 10 years as staff (Feb 2012), or when I had more forum
  3. I'm very happy to announce that Dean Thompson has been appointed Deputy Director of Airspace Dean will be helping Arjun with all the hard work in getting those sector files out the controllers need, as well as various other tasks in the Airspace portfolio Dean - thank you and good luck in the role :thumbs: Shannon
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