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  1. B8 is the applicable part of the CoC, and like the real world, acknowledges that the PIC is the ultimate authority over the aircraft from the time it takes off, until the time that it lands. Really depends on the circumstances. It is an offense to operate an aircraft recklessly, with regard to the circumstances as they existed at the time - punishable by up to five years imprisonment. Its not the lack of regard for controller instructions that is the offense, but the command of the aircraft without having all due regard for the safety of the aircraft and its occupants. You could be charged under the same section for following controller instructions, if the circumstances were such that following the instructions endangered the safety of the aircraft. Not that Im arguing that those are the circumstances here, you understand - just trying to highlight the distinction between a criminal conviction for not adhering to controller directions, versus a criminal conviction for reckless endangerment of air safety.
  2. until

    Still no roster for tomorrow? Does make it a bit hard to plan my afternoon.
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    Minor note, could you amend the instructions given above? Rather than reporting adventure world if requested, just report adventure world: the instruction you will get when reporting boatyard or powerhouse will be "C/S, maintain 1500", with no mention of adventure world - you should then report adventure world regardless.
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    Shame I missed it... wheres next weeks one?
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    Pilot Briefing Guide link: http://blu3wolf.com/vatpac/Procedural_Briefing_Doc_v3.pdf This short document offers some advice on the procedures for operating at a procedural tower (like Alice Tower). For anyone planning on flying to Alice this afternoon/evening, its a worthwhile read.
  6. until

    You are the second person Ive spoken to who is keen to get on Alice for the event... and I myself am in that same category! Hmm. Event Coordinators, perhaps this is an indication that a few more fly-ins to procedural tower locations is in order?
  7. until

    Map is still showing 120.5 for me. Hopefully no one gets lost over it!
  8. until

    PH_TWR isn't 120.5 anymore, I believe...
  9. until

    Last night, it advertised RWY 25. <quote> If you are looking for something different! Pilots inbound to YSSY can expect moderate to severe westerly winds, with the expectation for runway 25 to be active approach type for the duration of the event. For Arrivals: Pilots on the RIVET3 Arrival are expected to track 049 from BOOGI to TESAT, thence expect vectors to join the ILS/Visual approach for runway 25 Pilots on the ODALE7 Arrival are expected to track 063 from ANKUB to TESAT, thence expect vectors to join the ILS/Visual approach for runway 25 Pilots on the BOREE1A Arrivals are expected to track 155 from OVILS expecting radar vectors to join the ILS/Visual approach for runway 25 For Departures All departures can expect the SY1 (Sydney One) Departure with vectors to their first way point in their filed flight plan. SYD TAF: TAF YSSY 302314Z 0100/0206 FM020000 MOD/SEV TURB BLW 5000FT FM020100 27025G35KT CAVOK </quote>
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    Should this still be advising of strong W winds and RWY 25? I thought there was to be moderate E and NE winds for tomorrow...
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    Decisions, Decisions. Hop on Launy Tower and enjoy traffic in a procedural environment, or observe ML APP and get some practice thinking through TMA controller processes?
  12. until

    Is there scenery for Dale River? Im keen to know how people like the hill
  13. until

    The altitude section says remain clear of PH CTA... but then the route includes V65, which is going to require an airways clearance if APP is online. Best obtained while still on the ground, as any delay in issuing would require you to remain OCTA. Make sure you fellas keep a sharp lookout in D104. Plenty of traffic, much of it VFR and seemingly NORDO....
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    Reminder that if you can share availability for ML-SNO_CTR, CB_APP or CB_TWR, the coordination thread is here:
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