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  1. https://forums.vatsim.net/topic/31886-oakland-oceanic-is-moving/ Anyone who thinks they may wish to open ZAK at some point should consider applying to be a visitor at Oakland ARTCC to avoid having to be re-trained by VATUSA.
  2. until

    CTAF Frequencies if interested KASE 118.850 Aspen KEGE 119.800 Eagle County 20V 122.800 McElroy airfield KGNB 123.000 Granby Grand KSBS 122.800 Steamboat KHDN 123.000 Yampa Valley
  3. :-X Cross the Grove is advertised to start at 1400 AEDT and 0400 UTC! Which one is it? They are an hour apart!
  4. Did we reserve ATC positions for this event? IF so where is the allocations?
  5. Thankyou Tracy for staying on, and being available for the last three years. It's a measure of a persons calibre whether they volunteer to be part of the organisation, and you have indeed done that in an effective way. VATPAC is better for your efforts mate.
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