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  1. until

    This looks exciting! I've taken this week to practice my procedural skills before friday night!
  2. Nah, not old age. But if it was, then you would be up there with Terry
  3. I always love flying under Terries Control. His extreme experience is amazing when it comes to controlling!
  4. until

    Finally use for my procedural endorsement aha
  5. until

    It is not 120.500 anymore. It's 127.400
  6. VOZ3292 requesting ten minutes away from the cockpit due bathroom break.

    1. Joshua M - 1342084

      Joshua M - 1342084

      VOZ3292 that is approved, report once back.

    2. Tristan Garratt

      Tristan Garratt

      Approved, report once back VOZ3292.

    3. Tristan Garratt

      Tristan Garratt

      VOZ3292 is now back, FL340.

  7. until

    So what's the deal with rocky approach? Want us to open it rather than tower?
  8. until

    Hey, I can control there! Expect to see me on. Only on tower though as I have not been Potomac approved.
  9. until

    If I get my ZJX rating back then I will control DAB for you all!
  10. until

    Trent, You spelled BN-ARA_CTR wrong, you wrote BN-ARL_CTR
  11. until

    So therefore I at least attempted to hold one.
  12. until

    Good, Another OFFICIAL iron mic! Means I dont have to unoficially hold one!
  13. until

    Oh my gosh!!!! This is a great flight! Im happy this is the next one!
  14. until

  15. until

    oh lol
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