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  1. Hi All, Under Section 13 of the VATPAC Constitution, I hereby announce the next Town Hall Meeting will occur on 08th August 2021. Time: 08AUG21 - 0900z, 1700 AWST, 1830 ACST, 1900 AEST Location: VATPAC Discord (discord.vatpac.org to register your account/join) Agenda: Call to Order / Welcome Portfolio Snapshots, short/medium term plans Questions/Concerns/Suggestions/Feedback/Ideas to the Board If you have any questions you'd like to ask in advance, you can email them to [email protected] or contact me directly. Alternatively, you are encouraged to as
  2. Applications are now open for a Marketing Assistant to join the Membership Team! Responsible to: Director of Membership Direct Reports: N/A Duties: Work within the VATPAC Marketing team to create, plan and promote any VATPAC content. Assists in developing promotional material, video production and social media posts. Assist with the maintenance of the VATPAC Policies and Documentation. Dedicates 5-10 hours per month to carry out staffing duties. Maintains a minimum online presence of 8 hours per month on the VATSIM Network. Ability to
  3. Applications are now open for a Membership Assistant to join the Membership Team! Responsible to: Director of Membership Membership Manager Direct Reports: N/A Duties: Work within the VATPAC Membership team to organise, draft and execute any official Membership activities. Assists in developing relationships with VATPAC members and provide support if needed. Assist with the maintenance of the VATPAC Policies and Documentation. Dedicates 5-10 hours per month to carry out staffing duties. Maintains a minimum online presence of 8 hours pe
  4. Some great feedback regarding Nick's VFR service.
  5. until
    Spotlight Series: ORBX YBBNv2 for Prepar3D v4+ | 20APR21 (0800z-1200z) Who are ORBX? For those who don't know ORBX by now, they are leaders in flight simulation since 2006. Having published over 350 products, ORBX is known for high quality, modern and realistic sceneries including the likes of Cairns, Melbourne and Broome. Employing over 30 staff from Australia, UK and numerous other countries. ORBX have continued to maintain their Australian roots with one of their offices and CEO being based in Essendon field. Developing sceneries for FSX, P3D, Aerofly FS2, X-Plane 11 and MSFS; ORB
  6. Spotlight Series: ORBX YBBNv2 for Prepar3D v4+ | 20APR21 (0800z-1200z) The spotlight series will showcase new simulator products like planes, scenery and utilities from all simulators and clients. This semi-regular event will follow closely after the release of these new products giving you a great chance to experience these products in all their glory. This week we are exploring the newly released YBBN for P3D. Don't fear we will feature the latest addons from X-Plane and MSFS when they are released, and you definitely don't require these addons to participate. Who are ORBX? Fo
  7. Dear VATPAC members, thank you for taking the time to read our latest newsletter. There have been a number of exciting developments in the last few months including VATSIMs latest announcement about the data refresh rate. I’m excited to see this in practice and the impact it has on everyone’s enjoyment within the simulator. We have slowly been chipping away at a few projects here, but my main goal has been stability and continuity. I’d like to extend a special thanks to Josh and his events team, for putting in a great effort, week in and week out, scheduling and organising the logist
  8. Membership Department From the Director Hi all, it is with pleasure I sit down to write my first Scope article as the Director of Membership for VATPAC. Firstly, to those who do not know me, or whom I have not met yet I would like to give you some background about my previous roles within VATSIM. Joining VATSIM and VATPAC in 2002 I have acquired 9424 hours online as a pilot and close to 900 hours controlling, supervising, or observing. In this time, I have assisted VATSIM in roles such as Supervisor, DCRM for VATPAC and held seats on the VATSIM BOG as VATGOV1. So be prepared for long
  9. Technology Department A lot has happened behind the scenes with the move to new IT infrastructure and the development and initial implementation of new systems. Move to AWS The transfer of all VATPAC web services is now complete and are all now hosted on AWS. This has led to a reduction in costs by more than 50% as well as improvements in performance and reliability in services. While there were some initial teething issues upon migration, all of these are now resolved and all services are operating correctly. Legacy files Legacy files that were once hosted, on th
  10. ATC Training and Standards Department With the recent influx of members and the transition to new and exciting ATC client software, the Training department has created the ATC Standards role to help controllers develop their skills beyond their initial rating training. Stay tuned for regular tips & tricks, as well as additional resources to expand your ATC skillset. This month’s area of interest is airwork and ops normal times. Pilots may advise ATC of intended airwork in order to complete practice instrument approaches, survey work, SAR ops, or a range of other operations. Ge
  11. Airspace and Publications Department The Airspace and Publications Department has continued to provide the latest aeronautical information for all supported radar clients for AIRAC releases 2101, 2102 and 2103 as well as finalise the update of the Brisbane Local Instructions and a minor update to MATs. As always, the operations team is always looking for people who are passionate and would like to assist the team. If you think you have what it takes to help manage the Airspace over the VATPAC sky, send an email to [email protected]; we would love to have you on board! Project
  12. From the Director of Events Hello Everyone, Welcome to the Events Department section of the scope! I am going to do a little recap of the past 3 months, and then go into heaps of detail further down this post. The past 3 months have been a strong beginning for the year for the VATPAC Events Department. With 4 major events under wraps, I am confident to say that Q1 2021 was a success for our Major Events Category. The events team have been hard at work recently and I am delighted to announce a number of new regular events that will be making their way into the Events Calenda
  13. Discord Recently there have been a lot of exciting changes to Discord which will make your experience far more enjoyable. There are also some more changes coming soon so keep an eye out for them. New Moderators New Text Channels Streaming Chat Voice Channels Event Chat Voice Channel New Moderators The VATPAC Discord Team would like to welcome our new moderators to their roles within the team. We hope to be able to offer an enjoyable experience for everyone so if you have any concerns feel free to report it on https://discord.vatpac.org/ o
  14. VATPAC Productions The VATPAC youtube channel is back! This will be a place to watch timelapse of events, live streams and promotional videos. If you wish to become involved email us at [email protected] as we always need additional videos and ideas.
  15. Departure Report Tutorial An informative video made by VATPAC's Nick Falcione on the correct procedure of Departure Reports in Australia. VATPAC would again like to thank Nick for his continued work for the community in creating informative and engaging content for everyone to watch. Edit [13:05]: Pilots would not notify ATC regarding clearance in this instance. The correct procedure is purely a departure report.
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