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  1. Absolutely fantastic to hear!
  2. Date: 26 AUG 2020 Comment: Great job Chris! Its these kind of controllers that make such a positive influence in the network and within our community. Keep it up!
  3. Congratulations to Justin who today showed me that he can control! Well done on your S2 Justin it was a top effort. Coming to a Class C and Class D metro near you with a fancy new S2 rating.
  4. Hello All, Please join me in congratulating the following people who have joined the ATC Training Department as Trainee Mentors. Ryan McDonald Cameron Wilbraham Blair Shaddock I’m looking forward to seeing what they’re skills can bring to the team over the next three months! Coming to train the next virtual air traffic controllers near you!!!
  5. Today arguably VATPAC’s hardest working staff member, the backbone of the ATC Training Department, our very own Will Smart was promoted to the rating of I1. Congratulations Will, thank you for being such a hard working, positive individual and I can’t wait to see you conducting assessments and continue to train VATPAC’s newest virtual air traffic controllers! Coming to an assessment and position with an ‘I1’ all over Australia and VATPAC Pacific Airspace near you! If you see him around thank him and give him a huge congratulations!
  6. Reminder that applications close just before midnight east time tomorrow!
  7. We want to hear from you! 3 full days to get a short application in. If you want to make a positive difference within the community now is your chance to shine!
  8. A huge congratulations is in order for Luke who smashed his TMA assessment this evening. If you see him around make sure you go congratulate him. Welcome to the radar team Luke! Enjoy your rating!!!
  9. Evening all, It is it with sadness that I have to advise the community that Nick Falcione has decided to step down from his role as a mentor within the ATC Training Department. Nick wishes to focus more on personal projects and his life at the moment. I want to take this time on behalf of the ATC Training Department, to thank Nick for this dedication and time in the ATC Training Department. Nick has been a big help in making videos and training students throughout his time in the department. I would like to take this time to say a massive thank you to you Nick for your service to the community. Nick, I wish you all the best for your future endeavours and hope to see you around with your comedy!
  10. Hello all, It is with my deepest regrets that I advise the community that Sam Keast has stepped down from his postion as a mentor within the ATC Training Department. Over the time that Sam has been with us he has been a huge help in training VATPACs next students from TWR right through to ENR. On behalf of the ATC Training Department and myself, I would like to take this time to say a massive thank you to you Sam for the time you've provided the department and has been a huge help to myself over his time. I'll miss having you around in the team Keast. I'm sure if you avalibility frees up they'll be a spot on the team for you mate! Look after yourself. Cam
  11. VATPAC is seeking potential candidates to join the ATC Training team as a Mentor(s). Title: Trainee Mentor Responsible to: Director, ATC Training Deputy Director, ATC Administration Deputy Director, ATC Standards Duties: Contribute to the ongoing activities of the ATC Training Team by remaining active in conducting mentoring duties as part of the normal ATC rating progression of VATPAC members. Provide advice and training support to VATPAC members performing ATC in accordance with the VATPAC ATC Training Syllabus (Academy). Maintain an online and visible presence to the membership with a minimum of 10 hours per month logged on the VATSIM Network inclusive of a minimum of 5 hours actively engaged mentoring or assisting ATC students. Essential Criteria: Be a member of the Oceania Region of VATSIM for a period longer than 12 months Be a member of good standing in VATSIM for more than two years at the time of application Be rated on VATSIM to no less than Enroute Controller level (C1) Have good knowledge of the VATSIM Code of Conduct and Code of Regulations Demonstrate an intimate knowledge of the VATPAC ATC Academy syllabus Demonstrate a proven ability in the use of a VATSIM Approved Controller Client Software, including simulation and training features of such software Be able to work well within a voluntary team organisation Possess the ability to work with new members in a constructive and respectful manor. Desirable Criteria: Have experience in a training role involving mature study methods and learning styles Be rated on VATSIM to a level of Senior Controller Demonstrate a sound understanding of real life Air Traffic Services and an appreciation of how those services and regulations apply to online activities Members interested in being considered for the role should send your application, addressing the selection criteria listed above, via email to [email protected] AND [email protected] If you have displayed interest before, I ask you to please send in your application again. APPLICATIONS CLOSE IN STRICTEST CONFIDENCE ON THE 12th AUGUST 23:59 AEST.
  12. Congratulations to James who is the latest VATPAC controller to join the C1 ranks! James brings a wealth of knowledge from controlling ENR in the RW with ASA and will be a real asset to the VATPAC C1 team. Have fun controlling the virtual planes James.
  13. 1. INTRODUCTION This NOTAM is detailed in accordance with subparagraph 4.1 of the VATPAC Controller Positions and Ratings Policy. This is for the purpose of ATC Training. 2. RESERVED POSITIONS A) ML-SNO_CTR 3. EFFECTIVE DATE & TIME The above position will be reserved for use between 7th July 2020 between 0800-1000z 4. CONTACTS Cam Tyson - Director, ATC Training (atc(at)vatpac.org) 5. NOTICE TO ATC Under subparagraph 4.1, controllers must not control this position during the times indicated without prior approval of the listed contacts. 6. CANCELLATION This NOTAM self cancels at 1000z 7 July 2020 OR if cancelled by Director, ATC Training prior to date and time listed. All edits will be posted in this thread. 7. NOTE This reservation is during Spilled Milk Run Tuesday:
  14. Date: 30/06/2020 Comment: And we see @Cameron Wilbraham pop up again! Very obvious he's doing something right!! Keep it up Cam.
  15. Congratulations to Charlie who is the latest controller to join the radar ranks. It was a fantastic performance from Charlie who showed true professionalism for the duration and assessment and will make a great controller in the future I'm sure. Well done Charlie see you on the scope shortly!
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