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  • Getting Started

    Getting involved is as easy as preparing your simulator, installing a pilot client, selecting a location and connecting to the network using your VATSIM User ID and password. 

    A great place to start for some information on how to get ready is the VATSIM Getting Started page.  This page offers a step by step guide for starting from scratch and getting connected to the network.  It also offers some helpful links to pilot training resources. Although these training resources are based on American procedures, they are still a good stepping stone to understanding the basics of flight and online operations.

    When you do connect, be sure you have read and understand your responsibilities as a user of the VATSIM Network.  The VATSIM Code of Conduct and User Agreement summarise these requirements to ensure everyone gets the most out of their experience.

    Here at VATPAC we offer some great services and information, along with hosting an enthusiastic community via our forums (sign in using your VATSIM ID and password) and Teamspeak server (see the forums for information on how to join in).  Please be sure to visit these places to get the most of your hobby.

    Blue side up! (Well, most of the time.)

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