Flight Planning

Pre Flight Planning is essential to conducting a safe flight. Below are some programs that can you help to do this!

Disclaimer:  VATPAC provides no official support or endorsement of the products listed below.  They are provided for information and convenience only.

Free Flight Planning Software

Plan G is a free software that is best for VFR flight planning. It allows you to see your position on the map as well as other VATSIM traffic and controllers.

For more information visit the PlanG Website http://www.tasoftware.co.uk

 Flight Planning

Also available is a Plan G AIP IFR/VFR Waypoints upgrade for Australia (OZx)

SimBrief is free software access via a web-browser. SimBrief is best used for IFR flying.

Commercial Flight Planning Software

Professional Flight Planner X (PFPX) is a professional flight planning software for IFR pilots mainly.

Navigation Data

You may find your waypoints, airways and navigation aids are out of date.  Here are a few options to update these.  

Free Navdata Updates

World Navigation Database for Default FSX/P3D


Navigraph Chart and Navigation Subscription Services

Aerosoft Navdata Pro