VATSpy and ServInfo

VATPAC is very happy to provide this once off update to both VATSpy and ServInfo for the benefit of our members and visitors. This update is provided so that members can be confident they have a good understanding of our airspace. In 2016 VATPAC underwent the biggest Airspace Change in its history. This change was aim wholly at bringing our operations in line with the real world as closely as possible. You can use the link below to download the updates. More information can be found on our forums.

The easiest way to install this is to open Windows explorer or run and execute %appdata%. This will take you to the application data folder. Select VATSPY (for example) and replace the existing files with the new ones. You will need to restart VATspy for the changes to take effect.

VATSpy Update AIRAC1903
ServInfo Update AIRAC1903