Sector Files

Current Sector Files: AIRAC2003.1 (February 2020)

Euroscope VRC 
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How to make installation easy

Look under Controllers > Clients for more information on the VATPAC Euroscope Package.

Displaying Airspace Diagrams

The display options below refer to the menu selections for VRC under the VIEW menu and for Euroscope under the OTHER SET/Display Settings.

SIDs and STARs routes (only in TMA sector files) are displayed by selecting DIAGRAMS (VRC) and Sids or Stars (Euroscope)

Restricted airspace:

  • Permanently Active: Geography (VRC) and Geo (Euroscope)
  • Activated by NOTAM: DIAGRAMS/SIDS (VRC), Sids (Euroscope). Restricted areas start with an "R"

When responsibility for TMA Airspace is shared amongst Approach, Departure and Director positions the airspace boundaries are displayed as Stars based on the runway configuration. For Sydney, if runways 34L & R are in use, the airspace configuration is displayed by selecting the STAR (SY) RWY34LR. Refer to the Local Instructions in the documentation section for airspace ownership details.

In the vic_tma sector file, the ML Coffin (SFC-1500 released by ML_APP(MAE)) and SE Quadrant (SFC -2000 when EN_TWR is active) airspace can be displayed as a SID when active. Refer to the Melbourne Area Local Instructions on the Documentation page.

Minimum Vectoring Altitudes (MVA) areas that are restricted by terrain are in the STARs list. To display the MVA area in Sydney, restricted to 1,800ft, select the (SY) 18T_MVA Star.

Runway and Taxiways (Major Airports)

Runway and taxiways for major airports are stored as regions in the sector files and are displayed by selecting Regions (VRC) or Regions followed by the airport (Euroscope)

Euroscope Label Options

Euroscope allows a finer selection for displaying labels within the Free Text display section. The labels cover all of Australia in each sector file and the airport is identified by the airport NavAid abbreviation.

  • MVA labels: select the 4 letter airport abbreviation (eg YSSY)
  • Primary Airport Class C Lower Limits: select the airport abbreviation ending in "C"
  • Enroute Class C and E Enroute lower limits: select "ENR"
  • Procedural Airport Class C, D & E lower limits: select xxxx_OPEN when Tower is active, select xxxx_CLSD when Tower is closed where xxxx is the Airport ICAO. For Procedural Airports without a _CSLD option, the airspace reverts to Class G when the Tower is closed.
  • Taxiway labels: select the airport abbreviation ending in "_taxi"
  • Terminal Building labels: select the airport abbreviation ending in "_term"
  • Restricted Airspace labels: within the "PRD" option, select the label to be displayed