Online Controllers

  • BN-ISA_CTRDylan Grenfell - 1253675
  • ML_TWRClem - 1199995
  • ML-TBD_CTRJoshua Micallef YBSU - 1342084

Current Activity

  • Melbourne: 9
  • Sydney: 23
  • Brisbane: 6
  • Perth: 2
  • Adelaide: 4
  • VATPAC Airspace: 30

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Welcome to VATPAC, the home of VATSIM Australia Pacific.

VATPAC coordinates simulated flying and manages air traffic control services in over 10% of the world's airspace, including all Australian airspace as well as various South Pacific regions and Oceanic sectors. VATSIM is a great place to practice your flying skills and enhance your experience whether you are a flight simulator enthusiast or a real-world pilot.

VATSIM is a non-profit community of over 400,000 members from across the world who have a passion for all things aviation, and who strive to provide a realistic online flight-simulation network.

We look forward to seeing you online soon!


VATPAC Board of Directors


There are no active NOTAMs

Top Weekly Pilot

  • Jimmy Helton (18.9)
  • Matthew Windust (17.6)
  • Cole Ferguson (17.3)
  • Jack Henningfield (15.2)
  • Alex Barsily (15.2)
  • Top Weekly Controller

  • There are no statistics yet.
  • Top Weekly ATC Position

  • There are no statistics yet.