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  • VATPAC Tutorial: Requesting a Supervisor

    It would appear that over the past year or so, that speculation has grown on when the right time to contact a supervisor is. This tutorial should help you in making the right decisions on when to contact a supervisor. 

    The general idea is that you contact a supervisor when you require assistance. A supervisors role is not only to solve disturbances on the network. They are also there to help controllers resolve issues with their controller client, along with assisting pilots in resolving issues with their aircraft and/or pilot client. 

    Supervisors should not be requested on the VATPAC Discord, this for many reasons. Still, the main reason is that network supervisors are not affiliated with VATPAC and therefore won't respond to your request on discord. A Supervisor is not directly responsible for the moderation of the VATPAC forum or discord, VATPAC has moderators in place for this exact reason. A list of our discord moderators can be found on discord.vatpac.org.

    Supervisors can, although not often, take action on CoC violations on Regional and Division Servers (Such as the VATPAC Discord). Remember that using the Discord Server falls under the CoC so do not violate these rules.

    A Supervisor requires proof of an incident occurring so if you see something happening the best thing to do is record proof of the incident occurring, this could be a screen or audio recording or screenshot of a message. 

    How to contact a Supervisor:

    Air Traffic Controllers are to use their controller client to contact a Supervisor. 

    On VRC and Euroscope, this is done by typing ".wallop [Message]" into the chat bar. 

    On vatSys, controllers may contact a supervisor by navigating to the "Messages" dropdown box, and selecting "Request Supervisor", here you will be able to write out details regarding the issue, then send it off to a Supervisor by pressing "Send". 

    Pilots are to use their pilot client to contact a supervisor by sending ".wallop [Message]" in the chat bar. 

    It is vitally important for you to give as much information as possible to the Supervisor in your initial message, so that time is not wasted asking "What has happened?". This allows for the issue to be resolved much quicker, meaning you can enjoy your time connected to the network!

    Why have no Supervisors responded to my message?

    Just like every other member of VATSIM, Supervisors are volunteers, who have their own real lives to contend with before logging on to the network. If you have received no response from a Supervisor within 15 minutes, the chances are that there are simply none online. Should you encounter an issue that requires Supervisor attention, yet no Supervisors are online, email [email protected], detailing what has happened, and include as much evidence as possible. 


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