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  • VATPAC Tutorial: Coordination with a Procedural Tower 

    As an Enroute (CTR) controller, you are required to pass the following information to a procedural tower.

    1. Callsign (+/- Aircraft Type)
    2. Estimate time field
    3. Approach Assigned
    4. Arrival Altitude
    5. Sequence Number

    Coordination between Enroute and a Procedural Tower should take place at least 15 minutes prior to the aircraft reaching the lateral airspace boundary.

    Example A:
    [ML-TAS_CTR] Tower, Centre, JST856 A320, estimates Hobart time 42z, IPLET5A arrival, 5000ft, number 1.
    [TWR] JST856

    Example B:
    [BN-MDE_CTR] Tower, Centre, QLK108D DH8D, estimates Coffs time 15z, inbound 025 radial, 5500ft, number 1." 
    [TWR] "QLK108D, VOR"

    After this coordination is complete the tower would then reply generally with the callsign and possibly confirm the arrival expectation (ILS, RNAV).
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