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VATPAC Board Staffing and Structure Changes

Zach B - 1217663

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Hi all,

There have been a few minor changes made to the VATPAC structure (again) to coincide with changes to the Airspace and ATC Standards department, and upcoming policy changes.

Firstly, thanks to Steven C who unfortunately had to take a step back late last year due to some personal circumstances. Another thanks to Clem W who stepped up and managed the Airspace portfolio in the interim.

A decision was made by the board to merge the Airspace and ATC Standards department to one department called "Air Traffic Services". This means that Sam K now take's on this role of managing both ATC Training, Standards, AIS and Documentation. Since all subjects are closely related, we felt this decision makes sense. Sam is well supported by a team of passionate volunteer leaders in Matt K (ATC Training), James H (ATC Standards) and Peter S (Aeronautical Information Services). No doubt, Sam will seek further assistance from the community for a Publications lead moving forward. I'd also like to reach out to anyone that would be interested in becoming involved in distribution of AIRAC Cycles and other AIS, under the guidance of Peter. 

Clem W remains on the VATPAC board as the Deputy Division Director and will assist with the division leadership. This is an interim appointment for 6 months.

For those interested, the VATPAC structure currently looks like this...


If you have any concerns or questions, of course, don't hesitate to reach out.

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