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FEB- 2022 | Various Controllers

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Xander Dundon - 06/02/2022


Whilst doing multiple legs on today, Xander Dundon was controlling Melbourne Center for around 4 hours. Whilst some people were clueless to Air Traffic Control instructions, Xander assisted these people instead of getting angry at these people (like some previous controllers have). Xander did everything efficiently and was respectful within the progress.

Adrian - 04/02/2022


Thank you Adrian for tower and help into YSSY and nice chat. First time I actually had confidence to speak to tower on voice and you made it a breeze.

Luke Maynard - 19/01/2022


I would like to give a positive feedback on Luke Maynard. He served the Melbourne CTR today on 18/01/22 at around 22:00z and he was really great and helpful, especially to one other pilot just starting with flying on VATSIM. I especially loved his reply to someone requesting IFR clearance with very low altitude as: "I don't think you want to do that as you would fly into the mountains."


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