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DEC - 2021 | Various Controllers


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Controller Feedback

Thanks to everyone who has provided feedback recently. Here is a highlight of a few from the past few weeks. 


Well done to AD_TWR controller Mark Edwards.  We threw each other a curve ball with a late 180 degree shift of runway (23 to 05) and we worked it out while I input the RNAV-Z 05 approach.  Very quick chat as I set the parking brake and I mentioned I was new and he said same.  He was calm, clear and good to work with.  People like him make this a pleasure, and he is already doing a great job.  Thanks for training such skilled people wit ha great attitude. (27/11/2021) 


Tyler Hindle ML-BIK (Extending) thankyou soooo much mate.  Pleasure to fly with you.  Wish there were more like you. 😉


VERY good job Aaron today with controlling my flight from BK to SY. Even though it was a special one you gave me a great service! Got a very professional service. Keep it up Aaron! 


If you would like to submit controller feedback (good or bad) please submit a ticket at https://helpdesk.vatpac.org/ .

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