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Major Events List 2022

Joshua M - 1342084

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Hello Everyone,

The VATPAC Events Department is happy to announce the 2022 events calendar! This is a list of major events that will be conducted throughout the duration of 2022.

Event dates may change, we will maintain this list throughout the year to ensure it is your go-to place for what major events we are hosting in 2022.


2022 Major Events List
FRI 21st | City Pair - Brisbane & Adelaide

SAT 26th | Transcon Shuttle Eastbound  - Perth, Broome & Darwin > Melbourne

SUN 13th | Darwin - Sultan Shuttle

SAT 9th | First Wings - Adelaide > Canberra

SUN 1st | Real Ops Sydney
FRI 20th | Panic Stations Gold Coast

SUN 12th | Cross the Ditch 22 - Winter 2022
SAT 26th | City Pair - Brisbane & Cairns

SAT 16th | Long Haul - South East Asia Connect

SUN 7th | First Wings - Sydney & Brisbane
SAT 20th | Denpasar - Perth Shuttle

SUN 18th | Panic Stations Melbourne

SAT 15th | VATUSA FNO Downunder

SUN 6th | WorldFlight Departure
SAT 12th | WorldFlight Arrival

SUN 4th | Cross the Ditch 23 - Summer 2022
SUN 18th | Real Ops Perth


We look forward to seeing you there!

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Changes 29DEC21

  • Darwin - Sultan Shuttle: Date confirmed Sunday 13MAR22 - Destination changed to Sultan (WAAA)
  • Real Ops Sydney: Date changed Sunday 01MAY22
  • Panic Stations - Gold Coast: Date changed Friday 20MAY22
  • Cross the Ditch 22: Date confirmed Sunday 12JUN22
  • City Pair - Brisbane & Cairns: Date changed to Saturday 26JUN22
  • Cross the Ditch 23: Date confirmed Sunday 04DEC22
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Changes 02JAN22

  • First Wings - Adelaide & Canberra: Date confirmed Saturday 09APR22
  • Long Haul - Melbourne & Adelaide > Bali & Singapore: Date confirmed Saturday 16JUL22
  • First Wings - Perth & Adelaide: Date confirmed Sunday 07AUG22
  • FNO Downunder - Adelaide, Melbourne & Sydney: Date confirmed Saturday 15OCT22

This should be the last change for a while. With this change, all events now have confirmed dates for 2022!

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