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Cameron Wilbraham resigns as the Events Manager

Joshua Micallef

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It is with great sadness that I address the community today to inform that Cameron Wilbraham has handed in his resignation for the position of Events Manager within the VATPAC Events Department.


Cameron has  been an integral part of the Events Department over the past 16 months since his appointment to the role of coordinator. Shortly after, Cam took on the role as the second-in-chief for the Events Department, and has successfully assisted in running countless regular, major and one off events over the past 14 months.


Amongst Cams list of achievements was his admiration, commitment and dedication to his role within the Events Department. He was always approachable for all the staff, and took the reigns whenever necessary!


From the bottom of my heart, and the entire VATPAC Community. Thank you for your service to VATPAC Cam. You will have your place in the books here as a special member of the VATPAC Events Team, and we look forward to seeing you into the future.


Cameron will remain in his role as Events Manager until a suitable replacement is found. Applications for the position of Events Manager will be opened to the public shortly, and all interested applicants are encouraged to submit their interest.


Thank you,

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Thank you Josh, Thank you everyone! 

I am truly heartbroken to have had to make this decision. The events department has been mine and Josh's little baby for over a year now. I have absolutely loved working with the team that we have built, in addition to some of the long standing members of the team! 

I was always going to be a long shot, I know that, Josh knows that, you all probably knew it! A Brit, living in Britain, being a senior staff member in the Australian division of this big network that we call home. I have lasted a lot longer than I thought I would, ill be honest, however, the time has now come. My work life, education life, and personal life, unfortunately must take priority, meaning I must leave the demanding role that the Events Manager position is. 

I am extremely grateful for all of the opportunities that working in VATPAC has given me. However, I am 100 times more grateful for being able to work with my best friend, even if he is over 16000 k's away. 


I will not forget this part of my life, not one moment...

All the best, 

Cam - ❤️ 

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