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Pacific Oceanic Letter of Agreement

Zach Biesse-Fitton

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Hi All,

I'm pleased to advise that VATUSA, VATNZ and VATPAC have come together to form a new Pacific Oceanic Agreement.

More information about this can be found here:

Pacific Oceanic LoA - VATSIM Australia Pacific - VATPAC

There are a few alterations from the existing partnership, but essentially the privileges and limitations are the same. Of note, a new requirement to control 1 hour in the previous 3 months to remain active will apply. However, until such time that VATPAC has a system in place to track this, we will waive this requirement.

A local instructions document is currently being prepared by all parties. For now, some information can be found here: VATNZ, Oakland ARTCC.

I'd like to extend thanks to Andrew from VATNZ as well as Manuel, Ryan and Daniel from VATUSA and Oakland ARTCC for coming together to forge this agreement.

This is a great step forward for all of us, together.

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