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Major Changes for AIRAC 2110

Zach Biesse-Fitton

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Announcement Published 22 SEP 2021

Hi everyone,

I would like to announce a few major changes for that will be implemented for AIRAC 2110.

  • The VATPAC Board voted in favour of removing support for VRC, inline with community/membership demand (polling indicated approximately, only 10% of users are using this client). Resources will be focused on Euroscope (TAAATSMod Euroscope 3.1d) and vatSys.
    This means VRC will no longer receive AIRAC cycle updates and any existing files will not be compatible with the new changes outlined below.
  • The VATPAC board also voted in favour of removing the Melbourne and Brisbane upper (FSS) positions. The board agreed that the position no longer met the requirement that they were initially created for and that controllers should be encouraged to provide a quality top-down service as per our existing extended coverage policy, rather than a larger quantity (and lower quality) service over a significant geographical area.
  • Finally, a number of changes to primary (parent) and secondary (child) sectors/frequencies have occurred to re-align most of our sectors with the IRL positions and to also better support the auto-activation of non-standard sectors. The major sector boundary changes occur in the central and west of Australia. Further minor changes between ML-SY-BN.



    Detailed changes:
    • ORE becomes OLW, freq 134.0
      • Layout changes to main sector and sub-sectors as per AIP Sup S21-H91.
    • ESP primary becomes PIY, freq 133.9.
      • Layout changes as per IRL and draft map above. GVE/DAL merged as GVE only.
    • ASP primary, freq 128.85.
      • Layout and sub sectors as per IRL and draft map above.
      • Include WRA sector from old BKE primary.
    • BKE primary.
      • Removed.
    • TBD primary.
      • Layout and sub sectors as per IRL and draft map above.
      • Include BKE sector from old BKE primary.
    • SNO primary becomes ELW, freq 123.75.
      • HUM renamed BLA as per IRL upper sector, freq 132.20
      • Minor boundary changes to BLA, ELW and SNO.
      • BLA (and by association, the parent sector ELW) continues to be responsible for the CB TCU when the dedicated CB controllers are offline.
    • MDE primary becomes ARL, freq 130.9.
      • OCN sub-sector freq becomes 128.6 as per IRL.
    • DOS primary becomes INL, freq 134.2
      • GRN renamed INL as per IRL upper sector.
      • Minor boundary changes to INL and DOS.
      • SDY freq change to 134.3
    • TBP primary becomes KEN, freq 120.15
    • WOL primary becomes BIK, freq 129.8.
      • Minor boundary changes to BIK and WOL.
    • BN-TSN_FSS primary VHF alias becomes 124.65
      • HWE VHF alias becomes 124.95
      • FLD VHF alias becomes 132.85
      • COL VHF alias becomes 133.15
        • Inclusion of AGGG and ANAU under COL as per existing oceanic documentation and IRL services provided by AsA.
        • Note that the above positions cannot be individually logged in to and are assumed by the COL subsector only.
Edited by Peter Story
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