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NOTAM: Activation of Non-Standard Positions

Zach Biesse-Fitton

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To assist in providing quality Air Traffic Services (ATS) throughout VATPAC airspace, the board is introducing several changes to our VATPAC ATS Policy. Changes will reflect ongoing improvement and alignment with the new VATSIM Global ATC Administration Policy.

Until our updated VATPAC ATS Policy is released, in the interim to help further online experience of realism on the network, positions listed in the "List of approved non-standard positions" may be opened subject to specific requirements outlined below.

Activation of a Non-Standard Position by a Controller

A non-standard (child) position may be activated at any time, by an appropriately rated controller and the following additional requirements:

a)    An agreement must be obtained between the controller wishing to open the non-standard (child) position and the controller currently operating the standard (parent) position, under which the non-standard position is to be opened; and

b)    All controllers affected by the activation of the non-standard (child) position must review:

1)    the local instructions applicable to the non-standard position being activated, noting the designated responsible airspace; and
2)    the frequency and login identifier of the non-standard position; and
3)    any additional coordination requirements that arise from the use of the non-standard position; and
4)    any other questions or concerns from either controller.

Affected controllers are encouraged (but not required) to keep a record of their agreement.

Any breaches of this NOTAM or any issues that arise in relation to the opening of a non-standard position should be reported to VATPAC staff at the earliest convenience.

Activation of Non-Standard Positions by Staff and Senior Controllers

Non-standard positions may also be activated in certain circumstances outlined below, by an authorised person. An authorised person is either a VATPAC staff member or a local VATPAC controller holding a Senior Controller (C3) rating.

An authorised person may waive requirement a) (obtaining agreement of the parent controller), should a situation arise where activation of a non-standard position is deemed crucial to the delivery of a quality ATC service, and the existing parent controller does not agree to the opening of this position in the first instance.

An authorised person must not approve themselves to open a non-standard position under the circumstances outlined above, unless exceptional circumstances apply.

The follow is a list of Login Identifiers of approved non-standard (child) positions.

Melbourne Centre Positions:

  • ML-ELW_CTR (123.75)
  • ML-HUM_CTR (132.20)
  • ML-BIK_CTR (129.80)
  • ML-MUN_CTR (132.60)
  • ML-AUG_CTR (127.05)
  • ML-FOR_CTR (132.70)
  • ML-PIY_CTR (133.90)
  • ML-BIL_CTR (132.40)

 Brisbane Centre Positions:

  • BN-MLD_CTR (132.35)
  • BN-OCN_CTR (133.60)
  • BN-GRN_CTR (120.30)
  • BN-KPL_CTR (125.90)
  • BN-KEN_CTR (120.15)
  • BN-KIY_CTR (133.40)

 Sydney TCU Positions:

  • SY_DEP (123.00)
  • SY-S_DEP (129.70)
  • SY-D_APP (126.10)
  • SY-DE_APP (125.30)
  • SY-S_APP (128.30)

 Sydney ADC/SMC Positions:

  • SY-E_GND (121.70)
  • SY-E_TWR (124.70)


Melbourne TCU Positions:

  • ML_DEP (118.90)
  • ML-S_DEP (129.40)

 Brisbane TCU Positions:

  • BN_DEP (133.45)
  • BN-S_APP (125.60)
  • BN-S_DEP (118.45)

 Brisbane ADC/SMC Positions:

  • BN-W_TWR (118.00)
  • BN-S_GND (122.25)
  • BN-N_GND (124.05)

 Adelaide TCU Position:

  • AD_DEP (118.20)

 Cairns TCU Position:

  • CS_DEP (126.10)

 Canberra TCU Position:

  • CB-W_APP (125.90)

 Perth TCU Position:

  • PH_DEP (118.70)

 Perth SMC Position:

  • PH-E_GND (122.20) 

Division Director, [email protected]

This NOTAM will self-cancel when incorporated into official ATS policy, unless otherwise noted.


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