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TRIAL: Event Coordinators during Milk Run and Spilled Milk Run Monday Events

Joshua M - 1342084

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Good Morning Everyone,

With lockdowns around Australia continuing to remain in force, VATPAC has seen an increase in the number of Controllers and Pilots during Milk Run Monday. This has resulted in a higher level of traffic, and longer delays throughout the event.


In order to increase the smooth running of this event. VATPAC is trialing the introduction of the to the following during all Milk Run Monday events.

  • VATPAC Event Coordinators will be active to assist in the smooth running of the event and ensuring ATC services remain online. You can see any coordinator during these events in the Member List on the VATPAC Discord who have the @eventcoordinator role. Coordinators may also be logged on with the VATPAC35 callsign.
  • Non-Standard positions will be activated in accordance with the Controller Positions and Ratings Policy. We will be looking to open more Non-Standards than in the past to decrease controller workload, and increase efficiency during Milk Run events.


This trial will be active during September and October of 2021.

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