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NOTAM: Positions Reserved during Spilled Milk Run Monday (Mode B Active)

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NOTAM: ATC Controlling Positions During Spilled Milk Run Monday


The following NOTAM is for the reservation of positions and the authorisation of non-standard positions under the Controller Positions and Ratings Policy during Spilled Milk Run Monday events.


2 NOTAM Mode
This NOTAM revolves around two different modes depending on the time zone status within Australia.

  • Mode A: Daylight Saving Mode
    While VIC, NSW, SA, AS and ACT are in daylight savings mode (Early OCT - Early APR) Spilled Milk Run Monday positions are reserved from 0730z-1130z
  • Mode B: Normal Operations Mode
    When all eastern states operate on AEST (Early APR - Early OCT) Spilled Milk Run Monday positions are reserved from 0800z-1200z

Current Active Mode: Mode B
Reservation Time: 0800z-1200z

Please note, all positions in 3 RESERVED POSITIONS are reserved during the time NOTED above.


In accordance with Section 4.2 of the VATPAC Controller Positions and Ratings Policy, inclusive of all the limitations within, any position listed in any Spilled Milk Run Monday Event published in the Event Announcements thread are reserved during the event time noted above on the last Monday of each month.

The following positions are reserved on Monday the 30th August 2021 from 0800-1200z:

  • BN_DEL
  • BN_GND
  • BN_TWR
  • BN_APP
  • BN_DEP
  • CG_DEL
  • CG_GND
  • CG_TWR
  • CG_APP
  • TW_GND
  • TW_TWR

The above position list will be updated each calendar month to reflect the positions for each Spilled Milk Run Monday event.


The Controller Roster for Spilled Milk Run Monday can be found on the VATPAC Events Website.


This NOTAM is under the authority of the following;


This NOTAM is active unless cancelled by the Director of Events or Division Director.


The below photo is to define the difference between available and rostered positions. As an example; SY_TWR, SY_APP and BN-MDE_CTR are demonstrated, the same applies for all positions rostered by this NOTAM. 


*Time in example photo is AEST (from 08z - 12z)*

  • BN-MDE_CTR is free from 1100-1200z for any controller to provide ATC services
  • SY_APP is free from 0900-1000z for any controller to provide ATC services
  • SY_TWR is free from 1000-1200z for any controller to provide ATC services

Controllers who are on the roster have priority of the position during their nominated times. Controllers not on the roster must relinquish the controller position to the rostered controller.


Any queries regarding this NOTAM can be directed to the Events Department via https://helpdesk.vatpac.org/

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