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There are a lot of people mentioned in this one :) - Hence the name ;)


Your Controllers are absolutely phenomenal. It was my Milk Milk run event tonight, and every controller that I interfaced with blew me away. They were all extremely knowledgeable, efficient and looked to be having a great deal of fun. Props to all of them - looks like I'll be back next week. 

They were - 
  -  William Chiu (ML_App)
  -  Darryl Lyons (ML-WOL)
  -  Brett Cummings (ML_SNO)
  -  Andrew Harle (SY_App)
  -  Luke Maynard (SY_Twr)
  -  Arron Baskin (SY_GND).
And to those two that staffed ML Ground and Tower before 7pm, who's names I didn't grab.


@William Chiu @Daryl Lyons @Brett Cummings @Andrew Harle @Luke Maynard @Arron Baskin

Well done guys!

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