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Director of Australia Pacific

Blair S - 1358329

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Dear VATPAC members, thank you for taking the time to read our latest newsletter.

There have been a number of exciting developments in the last few months including VATSIMs latest announcement about the data refresh rate. I’m excited to see this in practice and the impact it has on everyone’s enjoyment within the simulator. We have slowly been chipping away at a few projects here, but my main goal has been stability and continuity.

I’d like to extend a special thanks to Josh and his events team, for putting in a great effort, week in and week out, scheduling and organising the logistic for VATPAC events. The events are where everyone comes together, enjoys a busy frequency and hopefully a much more realistic experience to flying around by yourself on UNICOM!

Thank you to a number of members who have stepped up in recent weeks to assist in moderate our Discord server. It’s great that our community can be so interactive - gone are the days of missed Teamspeak messages and being kicked for idling! This new connected world has created new challenges for us, as we manage the way in which our members use the discord and ensure it suits all of our members, from all ages groups, genders and locations. Thank you for your understanding and patience whilst we work through these issues - and please know that they ARE being worked on. In a short while, I’ll provide a separate and more detailed update to the community from myself through the forums so stay tuned for that.

Cheers for your involvement in our great community.


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