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NOTAM: New Brisbane Local Instructions and amended MATS

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A new Brisbane Local Instructions has been released, along with an amendment to MATS to include Independent Parallel Approaches. The Documents Page lists the latest documents for controllers and pilots.

What's new in the latest Brisbane Local Instructions?

  • Parallel Runway Operations (PROPS)
  • Dependent Parallel Approaches (IMC)
  • Independent Parallel Approaches (IMC)
  • Simultaneous Opposite Direction Parallel Runway Operations (SODPROPS)
  • Brisbane TCU airspace ownership update
  • SID/STAR assignment updates for Brisbane and Gold Coast airports
  • Amberley Coordination
  • Military Operations in Restricted Areas

A First for VATPAC! - Independent Parallel Approach Finals Monitoring

Independent Parallel Approaches (IPA) in IMC will require finals monitoring by the Approach Controller responsible for the final approach path.
If daytime and VMC exists at 5NM, the Tower is responsible for visual monitoring from 5NM.

What does this mean for Approach and Tower Controllers?

You will need to comply with the IPA requirements detailed in the Brisbane Local Instructions and the amended MATS , including the display of the No Transgression Zone (NTZ). The Brisbane NTZ is already included in AIRAC 2103 sector and data files.

What about Pilots?

The ATIS will advise INDEP PARL APCH IN PROG and the approach controller will advise that "Finals Monitoring" is in use.
Make sure you accurately establish and maintain your aircraft on a precision approach procedure (ILS, RNAV-Z or -X) for your assigned runway.
Understand and comply with the "Deviation" and "Breakout" instructions from ATC. See the Brisbane Local Instructions for examples.

Common sense is required

If traffic is light and no conflict exists, there is no need for a "Deviation" or "Breakout" procedure.
Where Brisbane Finals (BMN) is not active, Brisbane Approach (BAN/BAS) should revert to Dependent Parallel Approaches if workload does not allow for effective finals monitoring.

If no approach controller is active, Independent Parallel Approaches can not be activated by the Tower.

We have plans to introduce Finals Monitoring for Sydney Independent Parallel Approaches after reviewing their use at Brisbane and making any necessary adjustments.

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