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25APR21 | ANZAC Parade

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This ANZAC Day, in collaboration with VATNZ, we invite you to fly across the Tasman as we remember those who shall not grow old, as we who are left grow old.

On April 25th, fly between Auckland Airport (NZAA) and Sydney Kingsford Smith (YSSY), as we staff the ditch for 7 hours (0200-0900z), bringing our two great nations together! 

VATPAC and VATNZ recommend the following routes when flying between Auckland and Sydney. 




Flying in Oceanic Airspace:

Normal ATC throughout Australia (Brisbane Centre, Melbourne Centre, Sydney Approach, etc.) rely on radar to determine where an aircraft is in the air.
Over the ocean, there is no radar. This non-radar airspace is controlled by oceanic ATC.

All Oceanic Controlled Airspace in Australia is controlled from Brisbane, so all oceanic controllers in Australia are called "Brisbane Radio".

One of the significant differences between radar and Oceanic flying is the need for position reports. 

Position reports are how ATC can determine where you are. Position reports contain estimates for waypoints, speeds, altitudes and any other information. Because there is no radar over the ocean, ATC relies on time-based separation and reports from the pilots. ATC has no way of determining where you are unless you specifically tell them.

The standard format is:

  • Current/Previous waypoint name and the time which you crossed that point.
  • Current flight level.
  • Mach number if assigned by ATC.
  • Your next waypoint and estimate for that point.
  • The waypoint after that.

For example: "Qantas 123 is position PLUGA at time 0523, flight level 380, estimating VELKU at 0750, SASRO next."

You can use the Oceanic Reporting Tool to help construct oceanic position reports.  

Find more information here.


ATC within VATPAC airspace for this event will be rostered according to the positions nominated below. Applications are now open, click here to apply.

Login Identifier: Radio Callsign: Frequency:
SY_DEL Sydney Delivery 133.800
SY_GND Sydney Ground 126.500
SY_TWR Sydney Tower 120.500
SY_APP Sydney Approach 124.400
BN-MDE_CTR Brisbane Centre 133.000
BN-TSN_FSS Brisbane Radio 128.600



Sydney International Airport (YSSY):
Payware - FlyTampa v2 (FSX/P3D)
Payware - FlyTampa (MSFS)

Freeware - AVSIM (FSX/P3D)
Freeware - ISDG (X-Plane)

Auckland Airport (NZAA):

Freeware - Kiwi_the_iwik (X-Plane)
Freeware - Robert Catherall (P3D)

We are always looking for feedback about our events! Email [email protected] or visit https://feedback.vatpac.org

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