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VATPAC Appoints New Directors

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I'm pleased to announce that after much deliberation and consideration, the appointments committee has settled on a number of new appointments here at VATPAC for 2021 and beyond.

Greg Barber - Director ATC Training and Standards

Greg is a familiar face to the VATPAC board and will change from his role as a Non-Executive Director, back to his homeland of ATC Training. A position which has held for many years in the past. He is excited to establish the new ATC Standards Manager position as a strong piece of the ATC Training puzzle. Greg will be working closely with...

Will Smart - ATC Training and Assessment Manager 

Will elected to discontinue his role as an (acting) Director and resumes his previous role of the administration of the ATC Training Department. It's great to have such a depth of experience in our training department. I'm excited to see what both of them come up with.

Steven Cullen - Director of Membership

Steven is also a familiar face to VATPAC and VATSIM, having previously been the "boss of VATSIM"! We are extremely lucky that he decided to put more of his time forward for VATPAC and it will be great to see where he takes this new membership role over the next 12 months. Steven will be working closely with the Membership Manager and DCRM (see below).

Luke Maynard - Membership Manager

Luke has been a prominent part of the Events Team this year and has done some great work. It was great to see his detailed application for this role and he will embrace this new position.

Callum Strawbridge - Discord Administrator

Once again, a name that needs no introduction. I am pleased to welcome Callum back to the senior staff team at VATPAC. I'm sure Callum will work closely with Steven and the membership team as the Discord forms an important part of the community.

Ryan McDonald - Non-Executive Director

Ryan elected to nominate for the non-executive Director role after being an acting Director for the past 6 months. I'm glad that Ryan was able to make this commitment to VATPAC as he has a great vision and passion for the community and seeing things grow.

Shannon Wells - Non-Executive Director

Once again, a name that is no stranger to VATPAC. Shannon has concluded in his role as the DCRM and will provide guidance and direction to the board as a non-executive director. His extensive history and knowledge of the inner workings of VATPAC will be invaluable.

Clem Wu - Publications Manager

Clem will be (and has already been) working closely with Peter Story and Ryan McDonald (assisting AIS and Publications as a non-executive director) on the much-needed updating of our local instructions and pilot tutorials. Clem has extensive experience with document creation and management/control. It will be great to see him impart some of this knowledge at VATPAC.

We are still searching for these key roles. Are you interested? Apply to [email protected]

- Director of Airspace and Publications; and

- ATC Standards Manager.

In terms of the Division Director, after consulting with Anastasios, I will continue in this role as a permanent Director for the time being. I do anticipate a hand over to a suitable applicant in the next 6 to 12 months. This also concludes VATPAC's administrative period and I would like to extend a huge thanks to Ray Lang for his guidance and support with helping VATPAC in the last 6 months.

I would like to make a special mention of Peter Adamos, who after many years on the VATPAC Board will step down from his non-executive director role. Peter has been a great friend of mine and many others at VATPAC and I'm sure you will still see him around flying and controlling.

Thank everyone - an exciting 2021 coming up!

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