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Director of Australia Pacific

Blair Shaddock

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Hi Everyone,

I'd like to take a brief moment to wish everyone a Happy Holiday season and a Happy New Year (finally) - I know some members of our community deserve this in particular, given the circumstances of this year.

2021 for VATPAC looks exciting with a fresh new Board of Directors, looking to be padded out nicely with an extremely wide breadth of experience. It will be great to see some old names/faces around the place again, that's for sure.

It's been an exciting few months with the release of MSFS2020 and vatSys, for both our Pilots and Controllers respectively. I'm sure there will be even more exciting stuff next year.

Now is also an excellent time to reflect on all our involvement in the community and have a think about how we can be better, to strengthen our very small little world of virtual aviation. It always annoys me when I hear of silly grievances that could be resolved with a reasonable discussion turning into something bigger than it needs to be, affecting many people. We have such a tiny community here of only a few thousand members so let's all do our part and make the effort of working together as best we can!

You will hear from me again in the New Year as the changes to the staffing structure are implemented. I will also be excited to see the Senior Controller requirements become cemented and clear for any of our members to look forward to.

Once again, have a safe and happy time. Stay away from the fire, the floods and the virus!

Zach Biesse-Fitton

Acting Director of Division
VATSIM Australia Pacific

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