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From the Director of Events
2020 is wrapping up fast, so I am very happy to welcome you to the Events Department section of the scope where we intend to update you on changes to the Events Department, as well as tease a few changes coming in 2021!

With the 2020 calendar finishing up, we have released the 2021 events calendar detailing 17 thrilling events we will be débuting next year! You can find info on when we will be hosting each of these events here - https://forums.vatpac.org/topic/18457-major-events-list-2021/

Remember that the Events Team is always open to feedback about all of the events that we conduct. Please contact us via https://feedback.vatpac.org/ or email the Director of Events via [email protected].

Thank you all for being apart of the VATPAC Division. I look forward to serving this community into 2021 and am hoping for a successful 2021 within the Events Department!

Josh Micallef 
Director of Events 
VATSIM Australia Pacific

Staff Changes
There has only been one staff change within the Events Department since the last edition of the scope.

  • 10SEP20 | Cameron Wilbraham appointed as Deputy Director of Events (VATPAC15)

As of the 1JAN21, Cameron's role name will change to "Events Manager" as per the organisational structure changes outlined here.

Upcoming Major Events
You can see all the upcoming events for 2021 in our 2021 Events Calendar - https://forums.vatpac.org/topic/18457-major-events-list-2021/

We will post information about our events at minimum one month before the scheduled event date, you can find a full list of our upcoming announced events here - https://forums.vatpac.org/forum/57-event-announcements/

Future Projects
There have been a few little projects running around the office of the Events Department over the past few months :) - We are looking to improve the process of rostering systems and policies surrounding rostering into 2021, stay tuned!

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