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14DEC20 | Special Milk Run Monday

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Welcome to a special edition of VATPACs busiest weekly event, Milk Run Monday! Although this is not the last Monday of the month, we are shaking things up by adding a pilot slot booking system!

Fly between Sydney Kingsford Smith International Airport (YSSY) and Melbourne Tullamarine International Airport (YMML) between 0730z-1130z with the expectation of full ATC services for the duration of the event.

How does it work?
It is exactly like a Normal Milk Run Monday, however; We have created slot times for pilots to book between Melbourne and Sydney to add a different element to the popular event!

Booking System:
To book your flight(s), please visit the booking site here.

Pilots may choose more than one slot to book if their arrival or departure slot times do not overlap.

Bookings will close one day prior to the event (13th December) at 1400z unless booked out prior to this date.

24 hours prior to the event commencement, you will receive a confirmation email with your finalized bookings and any additional information.

Important Pilot Information
- Please make sure you log in  at least 20 minutes prior to slot time.
- Please ensure you are using your assigned route, these routes are based on real-world, if you cannot use your assigned route please email [email protected] or converse with Delivery on the day.
- Callsign and Aircraft Type are your choice!


Pilots with bookings will receive their route within the confirmation email.
We recommend the following routes between Melbourne and Sydney for aircraft without a booking.



Controllers who wish to reserve a position to control during this event are encouraged to apply via https://events.vatpac.org/. After the controller roster is released on Saturday evening, no controllers will be added to the roster. Positions that do not have a nominated controller (i.e. no controller assigned on the position) will remain free for all controllers available on the day to control.

*Non-Standard positions* will be available for opening depending on traffic levels. They may only be opened once all of the rostered positions are filled. Please see a member of the Board of Directors, or a C3 rated controller to be granted permission to open a non-standard position.

Login Identifier: Radio Callsign: Frequency:
SY_DEL Sydney Delivery 133.800
SY_GND Sydney Ground 126.500
SY_TWR Sydney Tower 120.500
SY_APP Sydney Approach 124.400
SY-D_APP* Sydney Director 126.100
SY_DEP* Sydney Departures 123.000
ML_DEL Melbourne Delivery 127.200
ML_GND Melbourne Ground 121.700
ML_TWR Melbourne Tower 120.500
ML_APP Melbourne Approach 132.000
ML_DEP* Melbourne Departures 118.900
ML-WOL_CTR Melbourne Centre 125.000
ML-SNO_CTR Melbourne Centre 124.000
ML-ELW_CTR* Melbourne Centre 123.750


YMML - Melbourne International Airport:

Payware - ORBX (FSX/P3D)
Freeware - AVSIM (FSX/P3D)
Freeware - ISDG (xPlane)

YSCB - Canberra Airport:
Payware - ORBX (FSX/P3D)
Freeware - FlyAwaySimulations (FSX/P3D)
Freeware - tdg (xPlane)

YSSY - Sydney International Airport:
Payware - FlyTampa v2 (FSX/P3D)
Freeware - AVSIM (FSX/P3D)
Freeware - ISDG (xPlane)

Feedback is always appreciated, please submit it to feedback to https://feedback.vatpac.org or email [email protected].
If you have any questions regarding this event, please email [email protected]

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