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Major Events List 2021

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Hello Everyone

The VATPAC Events Department is delighted to announce the 2021 Events Calendar. This is a list of major events that will be conducted throughout the duration of 2021.

Event dates may change, we will maintain this list throughout the year to ensure it is your go-to place for what major events we are hosting in 2021.

List Of Events:
10th | Transcon Shuttle Sydney

13th | Light Up Western Australia
28th | South East Asia Connect

14th | Panic Stations Canberra

17th | Perth -> Singapore Shuttle
25th | ANZAC Parade

15th | TMA Turnaround - Brisbane & Gold Coast
23rd | Real Ops Melbourne

13th | Cross the Ditch 20: Winter 2021
19th | OzFlight Departure
20th | OzFlight Arrival

17th | Panic Stations Adelaide
25th | Light Up - East Coast Edition

08th | Slotmania Sydney
14th | Darwin <> Denpasar Return

12th | Light Up Pacific
25th | TMA Turnaround Sydney

09th | Panic Stations Perth
23rd | Friday Night Ops Downunder

07th | WorldFlight 2021 Departure Leg
13th | WorldFlight 2021 Arrival Leg

05th | Cross the Ditch 21: Summer 2021
19th | Real Ops Brisbane


We hope you are as excited about these events as we are! Information for each event will be published as minimum 1 month before the scheduled event date.

Any questions or feedback can be directed to the team via https://feedback.vatpac.org/ or [email protected]


VATPAC Events Department

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Changes 12APR21:

  • OzFlight Departure: Event Added for 19JUN21
  • OzFlight Arrival: Event Added for 20JUN21
  • Panic Stations Adelaide:  Event Postponed 1 Week (17JUL21)
  • Light Up - East Coast Edition: Event added for 25JUL21 (20 Years of VATSIM Celebration!)
  • Slotmania Sydney: Event postponed 2 weeks (8AUG21)
  • Darwin <> Denpasar Return: Event date confirmed 14AUG21

Lots of changes to JUN/JUL calendar events to accommodate a few new events being added to the calendar! We look forward to seeing everyone at these events!

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