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Director of Australia Pacific - September

Blair Shaddock

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Hi everyone,

I'm super stoked to see "The Scope" back again! It was something we started quite a few years ago and was found to be very popular. Now some 800+ VATPAC members are able to stay up to date with the latest news, every quarter, without needing to go looking for it. Special thanks to Ben and Blair from the Community Engagement team for creating this re imagined version of 'The Scope'.

I understand there may have been some concern amongst the membership after a turbulent last month (or so) with regards to staffing changes, but rest assured the division is functioning at full capacity and is continuing to grow along with the rest of VATSIM (who I believe will be shortly announcing 100,000 active members for the first time!)

It's an exciting time. As most of you know, I have been working closely with Jake for the past year with vatSys and the testing program. I am pleased to say that vatSys has been released. You can download it today from http://virtualairtrafficsystem.com/. I cannot wait to be able to coordinate with everyone properly!

This is certainly a troubling time for everyone, but it's great to know that we can still log in to our favorite hobby and fly or control, and put our worries aside. It's great to see a number of members from the past, showing their faces and becoming active in the community again. I have noticed a significant increase in ATC coverage in the past few weeks and last nights milk run was busy from 7pm until 11pm (I was sweating, at least ...  )

We have lots to look forward to for the remainder of the year. Worldflight in it's 20th year will be huge, no doubt and I'm sure we will have some great events with our Kiwi counterparts too. I encourage anyone who hasn't been around for some time to find their way back online to enjoy the new toys that are around the place (AFV, vatSys, myVATSIM, etc)

I look forward to seeing a number of your names applying to be apart of our VATPAC leadership team in the coming months as we will be looking to permanently fill the Director of Operations, Director of ATC Training and Division Director positions. Ready your resumes!


Zach Biesse-Fitton,

Interim Division Director, Vatsim Australia Pacific. 

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