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ATC Training Department - September

Blair Shaddock

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Bi-Monthly Newsletter:

The training department has been busy as always training VATPAC new controllers. Did you know that the VATPAC ATC Training Department releases a bi-monthly newsletter as well? That's correct! You can keep up to date with everything there is to know about the ATC Training Department and what's happening within the department by going to the VATPAC forums and looking under 'ATC Training'. Alternately, you can go to the "ATC Training" forum to read our latest bulletin or click below.


This quarter's ATC tip: Controller Handovers
What is the goal of an ATC position handover briefing? 
The goal of a position handover briefing is to ensure minimal disruption to pilots, and the highest possible situational awareness for the incoming controller. A position handover should be done with both controllers looking at the scope, in an environment free of distractions (for example, Discord co-ordination rooms, or the VSCS function of your controller client). 
What does an ATC position handover briefing look like? 
An ATC briefing should use the checklist “RAWFNTO”. 
 Runways – what runways are in use?
 Airspace – what is the current airspace config in use? Are there any runways released to SMC.?
 Weather – any diversions due weather? Any cells worth mentioning? TEMPOS, SIGMETS, ect. 
 Facilities – is everything working?
Navaids – anything unserviceable? 
 Traffic – provide any relevant traffic information – is anyone on a vector? What is your sequence? Who is taxing? 
 Outstanding actions – What are the outstanding actions for the aircraft? Is there any coord required? Do you need to give an aircraft an onwards clearance? Does an aircraft require landing clearance? 
An example of the following situation could be: 
“G’day, Runway 19L, runway 19R available upon request, weather is good but expecting a change to easterlies on the hour, everything is working, ILS for 19R unserviceable and has false indications reported so we have been assigning runway 19L. Traffic, RBA1352 at BENBO is cleared the ILS runway left. UAE401 descends via the STAR to 5000. ZOD tracks direct the control tower for an overfly and then city orbits, currently with a clearance limit of the control tower, not above 1500. Coordination for ZOD with the tower controller for the overfly and onward clearance and to cancel auto-release is still outstanding. Any questions?” 
This is by no mean a complete guide on what your handover briefings should consist of, and you should always be ready to adapt to the situation being presented in front of you. Any questions, feel free to ask below and a staff/training member will try to answer as best as possible :D
You can read the PDF version of this by going here https://vatpac.org/controllers/tutorials/controller-handovers/. Remember to always look at the controller tutorials section of the website as things are always being added this sections regularly. 
If you have any questions email us at [email protected]
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