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IT Department - September

Blair Shaddock

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IT Department

We have been busy developing and researching new services to provide better experiences for members of VATPAC. This includes VATPAC Core v2 - which includes VATPAC’s Web Services, Pilot Assist and support for the new vatSys client.


VATPAC Core v2

We have been looking into upgrades to our web services for VATPAC Core v2, expecting to use Amazon’s Web Services (AWS). Core v2 will be the backend of VATPAC’s services, and it will be the one place for all management and permissions. By using AWS, we are able to have:

- Lower management costs, as we are paying by usage rather than a fixed fee

- Greater security and privacy, with Amazon’s own dedicated issues management team and superior storage of confidential data by AWS

- Serverless Architecture, meaning Amazon finds the best available server to serve the requested content 

- Greater efficiency, with faster response times from AWS servers and negligible downtime

- Easier management, as AWS services are all managed by one simple control panel, as well as the ability to dynamically change server requirements.

At the moment, we are looking to move VATPAC Core onto AWS services which will allow for a trial of AWS. This also removes some workload off the Vultr server, and may allow for a downgrade in Vultr to save costs. VATPAC Core v2 will also allow for better interactivity with the community and better extensibility for third parties and API access.


Pilot Assist and vatSys

We are currently developing the new Pilot Assist and ensuring Vatpac's IT infrastructure will support the new vatSys Client! 

The development of Pilot Assist is progressing well and nearing an alpha version, and we should expect a beta version by the end of Q3. Fingers crossed!

We are also working with the members of the vatSys team to ensure it is fully supported by the IT Department and Operations Department for full release. If you didn’t know, vatSys is a new ATC client aimed at emulating Eurocat/TopSky, and with that, simulating Airservices TAAATS. Some of the features of vatSys are:

- Eliminating the need for sector files (previously needed for VRC and Euroscope)

- Allowing for controllers to coordinate via the Voice Switching Control System (VSCS)

- Maps and windows; controllers are now able to provide top down services with ease using windows such as “Ground View” for specific aerodromes

There are many more features included within vatSys and we are excited to release it once we’ve gone through thorough testing, making sure that it will be fully ready for VATSIM ATC! 



VATPAX is under redevelopment! We are looking for more developers to dedicate time on this project. If you are interested please send an expression of interest email to Tom Grozev on [email protected] 

- Theo Pham

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