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Events Department - September

Blair Shaddock

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From the Director of Events
Salutations everyone! Welcome to the Events Department section of The Scope, where we keep you up to date with changes within the Events Department, as well as get you excited for some of our upcoming Major Events for the remainder of the year!

So far this year we have had a pretty interesting one, and looking into the future we wish to strengthen the Events Department relationships with the VATPAC and VATSIM community, this is one of my many goals with the Events Department for the next 6-12 months.

If you are looking for a place to find all of our upcoming events, why not take a look at our Major Events List 2020 on the Events Announcements. Any changes to planned major events will be posted here so this is a great place to remain up to date!

Remember that the Events Team is always open to feedback about all of the events that we conduct. Please contact us via https://feedback.vatpac.org/ or email the Director of Events via [email protected].

Are you interested in creating events for the VATPAC Community? Take a look at our Expression of Interest thread here.

Joshua Micallef,
Director of Events, VATSIM Australia Pacific


Upcoming Major Events
There are a number of upcoming Major Events within the next few months which information is now available. Make sure to keep your eye out on the Event Announcement forum for future events

Panic Stations is back once again this year! This time we are heading to Alice Springs with a twist. Travel from anywhere across the country inbound to YBAS with touchdown times of 1000z & 1100z.

ORBX have provided 3 prizes for those involved throughout the event.

  • 2 prizes for pilots (One for each winner for the nominated touch down times)
  • 1 prizes for a controller nominated by the community.

More information can be found here

We invite you to fly between Darwin & Cairns in either direction. ATC will be supplied from 0400z - 0800z between the two airfields!

More information can be found here

Further information will become available about our future events in the future. Keep your eyes peeled here for more details!


Staffing Changes
There have been a large number of staffing changes to the Events Department over the previous three months.

  • 14JUN20 | Sam Hall resignation as Director of Events (VATPAC5)
  • 25JUL20 | Joshua Micallef appointed as Director of Events (VATPAC5)
  • 29JUL20 | Trent Hopkinson resigns as Deputy Director of Events (VATPAC15)
  • 30JUL20 | Cameron Wilbraham & Luke Maynard appointed as Event Coordinators
  • 10SEP20 | Cameron Wilbraham appointed as Deputy Director of Events


2021 Events Survey

The VATPAC Events Department is inviting members of the community to conduct a survey - This survey is for the purpose of Major Events that will be conducted in 2021. Fill out the Survey Here and let us know your ideas!

The survey will remain open until 01OCT20 after which the survey will be closed to compile the 2021 Events List


We are hoping for a very successful end of 2020 and a very strong start to 2021. The events inbox is always open for your direct feedback ([email protected])

VATSIM Australia Pacific Events Department

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