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The Scope Exclusive - vatSys Teaser

Blair S - 1358329

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After several years, it is finally here! We are sure many of you have heard about the beta release of the new vatSys control client. It is my pleasure to announce that this client is almost upon us. On behalf of the developers, The Operations Team is excited to share three rapid fire features from the client that we believe will enhance your online experience. There are plenty more tutorials for you to discover on the vatSys website, you can more here.

Voice Switching and Control System (VSCS)

vatSYS will be the first ever client to integrate both the AFV codec, and integrated voice co-ordination. The Voice Switching and Control System (VSCS) is the module for controlling all Air-Ground and Ground-Ground communication. It features a series of easily selectable buttons to allow the selection of frequencies, intercom lines and general setup of audio devices. The design is such that the interface can be used via a touchscreen.



Conflict Area Tool

Conflict Area Tool determines the area that two flight plan routes are in lateral conflict. The drop down values are defined in the current profile and correspond to the required minimum lateral distance between the two routes. On successful calculation of a conflict area, the area with entry and exit times for both aircraft is displayed.



Closest Approach Tool

Likewise, the closest approach tool displays the point at which two flight plan trajectories are closest. This is an invaluable tool for enroute controllers using this to determine separation issues hundreds of miles before they even occur.




Here are a few more screenshots from the client to keep you all drooling over it until the next update. We don’t have a date just yet, but like most FS developers, we can tell you its coming soon... 

ML-TAS_CTR during the recent Light Up Tasmania Event 

vatSys' integrated ATIS maker window

Flight plan configuration window

Aircraft's flight strip 



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