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The Scope Exclusive - A New Logo for Vatpac

Blair Shaddock

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On behalf of the Vatpac Board and the Vatpac Marketing Team, we are excited to announce that we are on the search for a new logo and logo designer as part of our re branding efforts. 

How the selection process will work:
Unlike previous designs we are opening the design process up to members of the Vatpac community, if you have any experience with software like Adobe Illustrator we would love your help to design a new logo for Vatpac. 

Process of Application:

  • Applications for your logo design will be due on the 10th of November at 23:59z via email to [email protected], if you require additional space please share a google drive or similar. It is strongly recommended to use Adobe Illustrator or any similar vector based design software however if you are unable to use such software we can work with you to refine and produce a logo.
  • The Vatpac staff team will work with the designers to refine the logo's and ensure they fit Vatpac's design brief.
  • Vatpac will then present the top logos as decided by the Vatpac staff team for public comment and selection, this feedback will assist Vatpac in selecting it's final logo by the end of 2020.  

The Design Requirements:

To ensure that the new logo works within Vatpac as a whole we have some essential criteria,

  • A full sized logo, like the current logo
  • A small logo for profile pictures, like what can be found on discord

If you feel that you have an idea of a logo, however, you are unable to produce it yourself a simple drawing can assist us in creating a logo off your design. We would love to see as many designs as possible so please if you have any questions or concerns email us at [email protected]

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