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Resignation: Tracy Shiffman

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Hello all, 

It is with sadness that I wish to advise the community that Tracy has handed in his resignation as a Senior Instructor so he can retire from VATPAC staff roles effective 1st July 2020. 

Tracy has spent the better part of a decade spent climbing through various ranks and roles at VATPAC so he wishes to step away from VATPAC and quote, "enjoy the downhill run". I would now like to take this time to say a massive thank you to you Tracy for your work and commitment to not just the ATC Training Department but VATPAC as a whole. You've trained a fair amount of students in your time Tracy and its something to be very proud of. 

You've been a big part of the training department for quite a number of years both training and assessing. So on behalf of myself, VATPAC and previous ATC Training Directors, I'd like to thank you for the number of hours you've committed to training VATPAC controllers.    

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